Talentia HR Suite:
A complete HRIS to simplify and optimise HR management

Discover how the Talentia HR Suite is simplifying common challenges and enabling a more effective and efficient way of work.

Multidimensional HR complexity

80% of HR directors that were questioned by Talentia specify that the HR complexity is increasing. Businesses have no choice but to grow in order to survive. To do so, they have several options: external growth, international development, LBO, IPO or diversification. These strategic issues have a real impact on the HR function and add to the multidimensional complexity that HR managers must face.

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Organisational challenges

Multi-site, multi-business, multi-activity, decentralised organisation

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Transformation challenges

Employee experience, hyper-growth, digitalisation of the company

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Technological challenges

Fragmented data sources, outdated solutions, security and control risk

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Investor relations, external growth, international expansion

You need a complete HRIS

An HRIS, HRMS and HCM software allows you to optimise and simplify your HR processes.

From payroll to employee administration to career development, Talentia HR Suite provides all the tools you need to help streamline the administrative side of HR as well as the strategic, such as performance evaluation, succession planning, compensation review and continuous talent development.

Why choose Talentia HR Suite

With Talentia HR Suite, a complete HR Solution to simplify and optimise your HR management.

Time-consuming tasks are automated, and your HR processes are optimised.

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Deliver a modern, dynamic and engaging experience to your employees.

Manage your HR with complete and reliable data and monitor your performance indicators in real-time.

Strengths of the Talentia HR Suite


A complete and integrated HR platform covering HR Management, Talent Management, Payroll and T&A


A powerful solution automating processes, offering a single source of truth with real-time business intelligence.


An HRIS that adapts to changing regulatory and social constraints.


A SaaS solution including recurring à la carte services.


An HRIS including employee, manager and HR portals accessible on the move and simple, intuitive applications.

Benefits of the Talentia HR Suite

Your organisation becomes agile

  • Your people can work in collaborative mode to gather and share HR data.
  • Your people benefit from digital tools that simplify their lives.
  • You control regulatory compliance to reduce social risk.

Your HR processes are simplified

  • Your business processes are standardised.
  • Your time-consuming tasks are automated.
  • Your payroll is secure while optimising certain complex functionalities.

Your HRIS is optimised

  • An HR solution that takes into account the changes in your company.
  • Adaptable to the latest regulatory constraints.
  • A safe, secure and reliable infrastructure. 
  • Control of the operating and maintenance costs of your HRIS.

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