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Talentia helps Recruitment Manager to find talent and streamline onboarding.

Critical Challenges Faced by Recruitment Managers

In an increasingly competitive context, faced with the scarcity of skills, new technologies, the changing attitudes of candidates and the digital transformation of companies, Recruitment Managers are facing challenges that have a significant impact on the company:


Attracting the right candidates

Identifying, attracting and recruiting the right candidate often takes far too long between advertising the position and integrating the employee. How do you win this war for talent?


Optimising the recruitment process

Faced with many tedious and repetitive tasks, the recruitment manager is often alone. How, in particular, can automation free them from this daily burden?


Building a strong employer brand

The most popular companies in their sector attract talent more easily. How can a recruiter contribute to their company’s reputation in order to attract and retain talent?


Reducing the new hire failure rate

Unsuccessful hires cost the company time, money and can impact reputation. How can you identify key challenges and improve your new hire success rate?

Talentia Recruitment, discover your new Talent, faster

With Talentia Recruitment Software, boost your employer brand and facilitate the best candidate journey at every step.

For any business, recruiting the right people at the right time is critical. Whether candidates are plentiful or in short supply, it is important to be able to screen applicants quickly and manage the flow of information between reviewing managers, applicants and HR to achieve the best results for the organisation whilst providing an attractive user experience for candidates.

Key benefits

Continuous feedback

Attract Talent

Reach a wider audience thanks to inbuilt multi-posting, social integration and job boards.


Automate processes

Work more efficiently with automated processes to capture recruitment needs, simplify scheduling and deliver tasks.

Streamline screening

AI matching & ranking, tests and video interviews and more will help you evaluate your candidates in less time.

Simplify hiring

Finalise the hiring process and convert candidates to employees, issue contracts and welcome your new employees onboard.

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