Talentia HR Survey software provides HR departments with an effective solution for collecting and analyzing employee feedback online on a variety of topics. The result? To sum up, you will improve their engagement and measure their well-being.

An Online Internal HR Survey Solution

With Talentia, easily create polls to ask employees for feedback on different topics: 

  1. Trial period analysis and feedback.
  2. On-the-spot evaluation.
  3. Professional interview, end of trial period interviews.
  4. Workplace well-being survey, commitment survey, departure survey…

Besides, manage lists and target participant profiles. Even, you can decide whether the answers are nominative or anonymous. Last, but not least, analyze the answers and associated statistics.

Set up a questionnaire

Use an online assistant to create the survey you plan to send to your recipients. First, select through a diversity of question types:

  • For instance, from simple to multiple-choice.
  • Or, from scoring to sum distribution.
  • Even, from item ranking to net promoter score. 

Also, customize your questionnaire with visual elements like a header banner or footer.

Configurer un questionnaire - Logiciel Enquêtes RH
Envoyer l’enquête aux destinataires - Logiciel Enquêtes RH

Send the HR poll to the selected recipients

Next, target the recipients you want to send the poll to. In other words, select specific people in your organization according to dedicated criteria.

Collect the results

Then, selected people will receive an email notification to fill out the online survey. In addition, they can do it from any device.

Besides, you can decide on nominative or anonymous submissions when designing the questionnaire.

After that, you will collect the employee feedback online in order to reach some conclusions, which could be useful before making decisions. 

Recueillir les résultats - Logiciel Enquêtes RH
Surveiller l’évolution de l’enquête - Logiciel Enquêtes RH

Track progress

Immediately, HR can monitor all received responses and massively trigger actions such as:

  • Submitting new invitations.
  • Reopening incomplete surveys already submitted in error.
  • Completing a poll manually on behalf of an employee who is not a system user.

Finally, analyze the HR survey results

Finally, analyze all the answers and optionally “share” these results with other people thanks to the Social & Collaboration module.

Additionally, and based on the results, plan actions for improvement.

Analyser les résultats de l’enquête - Logiciel Enquêtes RH

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