Deliver the best first impression from the start.

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Increase the new hire experience and support smoother transitions with Talentia. By giving access to key information within the employee portal, connecting new hires to their teams and assigning dedicated onboarding paths and tasks will help employees settle in and achieve success.

Create the best first day

An engaging and effective employee onboarding experience will help new joiners adjust to their new environment, understand the company dynamics, culture and get up to speed quickly on practices and processes of the new organisation. With Talentia you can deliver the best first impression and experience of your company and ensure a successful future.

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Interactive onboarding

Talentia’s onboarding paths can be configured to assign tasks, activites, videos, e-learning all within a dedicated employee portal. The checklist counters will help new joiners ensure all activites are completed in a timely manner. Managers can also monitor progress and keep an eye on how the new employees are doing.

Create personal connections

Connect employees with their team and their new organisation. The first day at any job can be challenging, even for the most experienced people. With Talentia, you can help your new joiners feel welcome and create connections with their team quickly. Colleagues can leave comments and well wishes to receive on arrival and new employees can share their interests, hobbies and leave a personal introduction. And for the home-workers, our dynamic charting tool will also help connect teams, put faces to names and build an office environment without the physical interaction


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Onboarding full feature list

Configurable onboarding paths

Dedicated dashboard

Automated checklists

Incorporate micro learning and other activities

Notifications and alerts

Progress monitors

Paperless onboarding process

Content Management

Available on any device, anywhere

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