Talentia Financial Suite

A unique platform for financial management, performance control, financial close.

Financial Complexity made Easier

Talentia Financial Suite the most comprehensive platform allowing finance department to efficiently support company’s growth and its fast-growing multidimensional complexity:

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Organisational Challenges

Multi sites, multi-business, multi-countries organisations, decentralisation, …

financial suite - suite finance

Transformational Challenges

Employees experience, hyper-growth, digitalization, difficult to maintain excel files, constantly evolving regulatory constraints …

financial suite

IT Challenges

Disparities of IS and data sources, solution obsolescence, …

financial suite

Strategical Challenges

Investors relationship, external growth, internationalization, predictability and reliable control, …

You need a complete Financial solution…

Talentia Financial Suite is a unique platform for financial management, performance control, financial close. Thanks to this unique software suite, financial directions beneficiate from digital continuity and can get free from cumbersome and time-consuming tasks like controls, reprocessing, reconciliation, and regulatory management. Secured and with lot of automated processes and collaborative functionalities, Talentia Financial software solution constantly evolves and provides turnkey and adaptable business solutions.

Talentia Financial Suite makes information more reliable, increases productivity, and promotes informed decision making.

Why Choose Talentia

Financial Suite Talentia is the most comprehensive solution allowing companies to make performance management complexity easier.

One single unique platform for financial performance operations

An agile and open platform that easily adapts to company evolutions

Certified at several levels the suite meets French and international accounting standards and compliances

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Strenghts of Talentia Financial Suite


Functional Completeness


Parallel Core Models


Powerful and reviewable analytics


Real time solution


Integrable platform


Integrated Automation


Reporting and analysis with adaptable granularity


Instant access to detail


Adaptability of the processes according to the organization


Shared multi-source and multi-process piloting


Simulations and adaptable models

Key benefits​

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Optimizing accounting and financial operations

financial suite - suite finance

Simplifying financial information management

financial suite

Automating reporting, forecasting & simulations

Facilitating communication

Talentia Finance - Financial Suite - finance expertise

Allowing real time financial performance management

recruitment management

Obtaining precise global and/or detailed financial performance information

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