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Manage, engage and retain your talents, ensuring company’s viability and growth with Talentia’s succession planning software.

Predict, plan and support your people's development

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, finding and retaining the best talents is more important than ever. So, make sure you maximize your talent’s potential! Identify their skills and capabilities to find the right person for the right job at the right time. Talentia’s succession planning software provides you with an overview of your employees’ skills, abilities, performance, and expectations. Benefit from all the analysis you need to make smart decisions to meet the company goals.

Identify your talent

The talent war is stronger than ever because having the right talent drives success. So, is your current HR solution helping you gain a talent advantage?

Talentia Talent & Succession brings together all the information you need for talent management in a modular, integrated solution. Besides, monitor skills and experience: track potential, mobility, risks, and opportunities… Rethink career pathing models according to the identified possible skills gaps, and succession shortages to secure your company’s performance.

Solution gestion des talents - logiciel de gestion des carrières
gestion des talents

Deliver better insights

A unified summary of each employee’s profile allows HR and managers to see the key metrics for their team. Get better insights into performance, expectations, retention, compensation, and more. So, Talentia’s succession planning software is enhanced with a set of interactive and dynamic dashboards.

Minimize the risks thanks to Talentia's succession planning software

Besides, eliminate any unexpected situation by identifying your top talents with the interactive Talent Management Matrix. Using the matrix, you can:

  • First, get a clear picture of employee satisfaction.
  • Second, promote interaction.
  • Third, plan development activities.
  • And finally, ensure wellness and engagement.
gestion des talents
Succession & Carrières - logiciel gestion des carrières

Preserve the future

Moreover, Talentia Talent and Succession solution helps you identify key positions in your organization and anticipate moves, departures, positions at risk, and development needs. 

Focus on growth

Encourage internal mobility and reward your talent’s commitment, experience and evolution. Map out new needs and job changes and identify potential successors. Use Talentia Talent & Succession to support your employees’ development and career plans.

Succession & Carrières - logiciel gestion des carrières
Succession & Carrières

Prepare and plan successions

Simple list-based approaches to succession planning severely limit the number of potential candidates. As a result, succession plans are less valid. However, with Talentia, you won’t be faced with this difficulty. Using Talent & Succession, you will identify the perfect candidate for a position within the organization.

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Talentia's succession planning software full featured list

Access to all data, including skills, work experience, training, etc.

Skills and abilities mapping

Annual and ongoing interview management

Performance and risk management

Succession planning and talent management

High potential employee identification

Key positions at risk identification

Employee development plan

Configurable action plans with alert systems

Dashboard and profiles’ analysis

Configurable matrix view

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