HR Process Automation

Simplify tedious and repetitive HR tasks for improved efficiency

Automating HR processes not only optimises the performance of HR and employees, but also enables more sophisticated HR processes to be set in place, allowing for more detailed data to be fed back.

Managing recruitment, payroll and personnel administration processes are amongst the most tedious and repetitive tasks. Optimising and automating this will considerably simplify the day-to-day tasks and increase efficiency. 

Operational Challenges

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Operational Challenges

How can HR management be simplified?

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Dedicated solution

Talentia HR Suite

Talentia HR Suite is a complete platform including administrative management, payroll, human capital management and T&A to enable HR to maximise their efficiency. It integrates a powerful payroll engine and automates HR processes.

Operational Challenges

How can the recruitment process be simplified?

Dedicated solution

HCM - Recruitment

Recruitment is made easy thanks to Talentia. With a range of tools to simplify the attraction, selection, hiring and onboarding process, tedious and repetitive tasks can be automated. Hiring time is reduced by 50% thanks to the multi-posting, automatic pre-screening of candidates, video interviews, tests and more.

Operational Challenge

How to simplify payroll?

Dedicated solution

Payroll as a Service

Talentia Payroll as a Service is a unique payroll software to facilitate payroll management through process automation, automatic payroll controls and adaptation to regulatory changes.

Operational Challenge

How to optimise employee administration?

Dedicated solution 

HCM - HR Administration

Talentia HR Administration is at the heart of a suite of integrated modules. It harnesses the power of workflow technologies to streamline processes, simplify administration and improve reporting accuracy. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, you will be able to engage and involve all your employees in a wide range of HR processes.

Operational Challenge

How to simplify Time and Activity Management?

Corporate Performance Management

Dedicated solution 

Payroll as a Service - T&A

Talentia’s time and activity management software enables you to automate some of the administrative tasks related to the monitoring of attendance, absence and time worked. Manage all types of employment contracts, all types of schedules, manage remote sites or production centres within a single tool. Automatically calculate variable payroll elements to simplify payroll processing.

The HR manager saves time on a daily basis to devote to higher value-added assignments

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