Talentia HCM

An end-to-end HR solution to engage, develop, motivate and nurture your people. An intuitive and flexible human resources software.

Talentia HCM, a complete solution

People & Organization

A single source for HR and people data driven by security permissions, workflows and process automation. A solution to streamline and improve productivity, increase visibility, reduce time spent and drive engagement.

Talent Acquisition

A collaborative recruitment solution to increase visibility, attract talent and simplify the recruitment process. Streamline the recruiting cycle from collecting requests, posting vacancies, selection process to hiring and onboarding.

Performance & Feedback

Unlock the potential of your talent and engage them in career development. Track skills and experience, manage performance and successions, build career plans in line with individual and corporate goals. All the tools needed to empower Talent to learn and grow.


Talentia Careers is the career development software enabling you to find the right person for the right job at the right time. Rethink Career Pathing Models to match the needs of the organization with the career aspirations of your employees.

Learning & Development

Engage your people with a modern learning experience. Create an immersive experience mixing online, virtual, classroom and mobile learning. Leverage all learning assets for skills transformation in a mobile-first approach.


Empower managers and reward specialists through intuitive processes and tools. Replace fragmented, difficult to manage spreadsheet-based approaches with automated notifications to complete tasks with greater speed and efficiency. 

Service Delivery

Talentia HR Service Delivery facilitates exchanges between employees and HR. This employee self-service software provides all the tools to simplify HR teams’ processes, such as surveys, social and collaboration, and digital signatures.

HR Analytics & Intelligence

Benefit from dashboards of the HR Analytics software with all the needed indicators to optimize human resources management and support the company’s strategy. With Talentia’s HR Analytics software, HR department has a single source of reliable, and updated data. The results? Save precious time, improve productivity, gain visibility, and boost engagement.

Talentia HCM Key benefits

HR Suite - Talentia Software

Single source of truth

Connecting all of your HR and people data in a single, reliable and up-to-date source. 

Payroll as a Service

A people-centric experience

An engaging & fun experience to increase collaboration, engagement and motivation.

Real-time intelligence

Fast, accurate and real-time access to key performance indicators.

Corporate Performance Management talent management software

Future-proof your organization

Understand your workforce, identify gaps and build talent for the future.

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