Talentia CPM

Talentia Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a global platform for real time financial reporting, business analysis, budgeting process, forecasting, consolidation & close. Talentia CPM makes information more reliable, increases team productivity and improves decision-making processes.

A comprehensive platform for corporate performance management, consolidation & close

A comprehensive platform to clearly pilot corporate performance: Budgeting, forecasting & rolling forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-standard Statutory Consolidation, Financial Reporting and Intra-Group Reconciliation.

Financial Close

Beneficiate from a complete consolidation and close software allowing multi-standard statutory consolidation, portfolio management and Intragroup reconciliation. From a single repository, analyze performance, reduce delays, make financial communication more reliable and consolidate in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Accounting review

Accelerate and secure your internal accounting control processes. Accounting review is a tedious and time-consuming process. Talentia Accounting Review allows you to easily control and audit accounting processes, monthly, quarterly or annually. Talentia Accounting Review is a unique secured accounting software facilitating accounting control and audit. Accounting Review software is collaborative with defined roles and authorizations and allows agile and intuitive communication between controllers, financial directors, internal and external auditors.

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Talentia iXBRL

Produce your reports in XBRL format simply and in compliance with the new ESEF regulatory standards, with the updated taxonomy. The Talentia XBRL offer is integrated into the Consolidation offer. It allows you to manage your consolidation in a collaborative manner across multiple standards and to respond to regulatory changes. You can produce your reports in XBRL format simply and in compliance with the new ESEF regulatory standards, with the updated taxonomy.

Reporting ESG

Create a complete ESG reporting within a single platform thanks to a flexible and reliable software. The end-to-end sustainability platform covers the non-financial reporting process as mandated by the EU CSRD based on the ESRS. It offers independent or integrated ESG reporting models, supporting the continuous extension for industry specific standards, and ensuring standards compliance.

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Reporting and Analysis

With Talentia CPM, benefit from reliable reporting and real time budget tracking. The powerful financial multi-dimensional analysis delivered by our CPM software allows you to easily create dashboards to take informed decisions (P&L by activity, simulations). Open, Talentia CPM simplifies the rapid collection of multi-source and multi-format data: reporting, budgeting, consolidation, closing. Financial management is thus accelerated and centralized.

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Budgeting Processes

With Talentia CPM, accelerate budgets creation thanks to collaborative process. Simply data collection from budget leaders (multisites and multiservices) and make company’s financial management more reliable thanks to automated workflows until final approval. Finally, easily manage different budget hypothesis. Your budgets are realized more quickly and reliably and are fully aligned with business lines.

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Financial Intelligence

An essential reporting tool for accounting audit, internal control and cut-off operations, but also more broadly for the management of the company, turnover, debt collection and commercial relations with third parties.

Key benefits

Financial Suite | Reporting & Analysis | Talentia CPM

Effective financial performance management

Within the same platform, benefit from all the tools you need to effectively manage company’s financial performance.

Talentia CPM

Rapid and efficient decision making

Thanks to its powerful multidimensional analysis, the platform enables the simple creation of dashboards facilitating precise decision making (P&L by activity, simulations).

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Reliable data and forecasts

With its collaborative, workflow, and alerting, Talentia CPM enables direct involvement of operational staff in the budget development process. 

Secured and compliant solution

Certified and secured, Talentia CPM meets local and international consolidation standards. Controls ensure data validity, consistency and quality.

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