Talentia iXBRL

Produce iXBRL report in 1 click with the updated taxonomy, while being compliant with new ESEF regulatory standards.

Easily produce iXBRL reports

Talentia XBRL is fully integrated with Talentia Consolidation solution. It allows to manage multi-standards consolidation in a collaborative way. Easily produce iXBRL reports while being compliant with new ESEF regulatory standards.

Convert data to iXBRL in a simple way

Talentia XBRL provides integrated components making easy to convert data to Inline XBRL (iXBRL). It highlights errors in the document and simplify XBRL document validation and final delivery. The solution ensures taxonomy compliancy with latest XBRL standards. Import your PDF report, convert it to HTML and perform tagging in 1 click.

Convert data to iXBRL in a simple way
Generate iXBRL taxonomies in one click

Generate iXBRL taxonomies in one click

Taxonomy Generator tool helps users define all the elements to be collected in a simple Excel format; automatically generates XBRL format, taxonomy or taxonomy extension; and finally validates and provides templates. The Taxonomy Explorer examines and validates taxonomies through powerful error checking and identification functions. 

Accelerate closing

Talentia Consolidation & Close is a powerful solution for real-time reporting, multi-standard management and statutory consolidation, intragroup reconciliation and close. The solution accelerates and makes the closing process faster and more reliable. It also allows teams to free up time on operations to focus on analyzing the company’s performance. 

Accelerate closing

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Consolidation full feature list

XBRL Certified

Provides a complete set of tools for the creation and validation of XBRL taxonomies and formulas

Allows to load data into pre-configured templates of XBRL documents

Allows import of PDF report and tagging to be performed with ease

Let multiple users to work independently on different parts of the report and then merge them together

Let users to explore and review XBRL data in xls format

Pre-Mapped Templates for taxonomies such as COREP, FINREP Solvency II, IORP II and others

Allows for detailed inspection of elements and identification of their underlying properties

Can build SEC and IFRS taxonomy extensions

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