Accounting Review

When it’s time to close your accounting cycle, automate internal accounting controls and reduce financial risks.

Accelerate and secure your internal accounting control

Talentia Accounting Review allows easily monthly, quarterly or yearly internal accounting control and audit. Linked with your accounting solution, this tool is an accounting control and audit software. A collaborative system, Talentia’s solution offers agile and intuitive communication between controllers, CFOs, internal and external auditors.

Automate and secure internal accounting controls

Talentia’s solution enables operations and documentation to be centralized on a single platform accessible in real time by all parties concerned. Digitalized and automated internal control processes are facilitated and optimized, whatever the complexity is. For example: multi-entity, decentralized teams, multiplicity of information systems, etc.

Accounting Review
Accounting Review

Make the information reliable with Accounting Review

Talentia Accounting Review minimizes financial risks and ensures data accuracy through standardized work cycles based on “best practices”, organized into worksheets containing a checklist, summary notes and review notes. The solution integrates with any accounting system, via the import of accounting entries, and ensures risk control at the end of the accounting cycle (monthly, quarterly, annual). Controls can be automated: both those based solely on accounting data – regardless of the accounting solution, and/or to carry out consistency checks between accounting and other types of data – business data, for example

Standardize internal accounting controls

With Talentia, all internal accounting control processes and documents are centralized for the group. You can digitalize all your close processes and associated documents/receipts. Accounting internal controls are “documented” and automated to facilitate a reliable audit process.

Accounting Review
Accounting Review

Facilitate collaboration thanks to Accounting Review

Enriched with workflows, alerting and interactive exchange functionalities with different levels of confidentiality, Talentia Accounting Review facilitates collaboration. Securely used to manage both internal and external profiles, it also allows instant dematerialization of the review file. Sharing information with auditors is easy, controlled and efficient. Teams gain both time and peace of mind in their closing process.

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Accounting Review full feature list

Work programs

Planning and alerts

Dashboards and real-time reports

Automation of controls and justifications

Integrated document base

Significant time gains

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