Complexity of HR and compensation contracts

Simplify contract and compensation management

Salary is a fundamental and motivating factor for employees. To be effective, companies must properly position their compensation packages in relation to other employers in the industry. Balancing the market pay rate, the difficulty of recruiting and the competitiveness of your company.


The law For the freedom to choose your professional future which defines the implementation of the equal pay index for women and men, is an opportunity to implement a fair and motivating pay policy.

Talentia will help you make effective remuneration decisions and policies. Automating the execution of contracts, digitising document exchanges and centralising HR data in real time, considerably simplifies contract management and the implementation of an effective compensation policy.

Operational Challenges

Solutions & Benefits

Operational Challenge

How to simplify the Complexity of HR with contracts and other documents?


Dedicated solution

HCM - Core HR

Talentia Core HR is the most advanced HR data management system on the market. Connecting employee administration to skills and talent data, the Talentia Core HR solution enables smooth and collaborative management of all HR processes and documentation.

Operational Challenge

How to set up an effective compensation policy?

Dedicated solutions

HCM - Compensation

Talentia’s Compensation Management software answers this question and supports you in the salary review process. With all the information in hand, you can easily define your compensation policy according to profiles and positions and identify the right salary levels to attract and retain the best talent. You can easily compare your compensation with other market players, measure the gaps and develop a fair and competitive salary policy

Payroll as a Service - Payroll Management

Talentia’s Payroll Management solution enables you to manage your payroll and your workforce.

Simulate compensation elements (general and individual increases and variable compensation), control your personnel costs (expense reports, social security charges, etc.), control your commitments (provisions, profit-sharing and incentive schemes, end-of-career indemnities, etc.).

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