Accelerate budgets delivery in a collaborative way structured and suited to every business process.

Easily model budgets and reliable forecasts

Covers all key stages for budgeting, from data collection to projections automation, including budget aggregation and information restitution for a detailed corporate performance analysis. The budgeting solution enables to easily model budgets and to deliver reliable forecasts in a collaborative way.

Simple and reliable budgeting

With Talentia’s Budgeting solution, easily organize and animate the different steps from data collection to budgeting models. Collaborative web solution, Talentia’s Budgeting uses dynamic validation workflows to increase process efficiency and speed. Including a structured data model and information loading it guarantees data quality and reliability .

Simple and reliable budgeting
Improved decision-making

Improved decision-making

Talentia delivers powerful simulation, analysis and reporting capabilities through Excel dashboards and OLAP multidimensional analysis. Talentia’s solution reduces time to analyse and allows to share the same financial vision everywhere inside the organization. Talentia defines relevant performance indicators to evaluate corporate performance and optimize business processes. The Corporate Performance Management solution transforms reporting into a real management and decision-making tool.

Open and easy to maintain solution

Talentia is easily integrated into every information system with different solutions. It securely collects financial and non-financial information from heterogeneous sources by defining data import models. Powerful and simple to maintain, Talentia stands out from its competitors by the appropriation possibilities it offers. Its maintenance and evolution can be easily handled by internal functional teams.

Open and easy to maintain solution

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Talentia's Budgeting includes:

  • Unique, secure and shared database, accessible to all employees via a simple web connection;
  • Unlimited number of currencies;
  • Simulations & Forecasting;
  • Management of various attributes;
  • Salary Planning creation and follow-up;
  • Reporting & Dynamic Analysis MS Excel;
  • Collection of budgets (PB, Budgets, Forecasts …) according to different combined modes;
  • Validation workflows;
  • Multidimensional Analysis (OLAP).

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