Finance use cases

Talentia Finance Suite is particularly well suited to make financial complexity of mid-size companies easier. Suitable for decentralized companies that want to manage all their accounting and financial operations within a single platform.

Make Financial Complexity Easier

To survive, companies have no choice to grow. To reach that goal, they have several options like acquisitions, LBOs, international expansion, etc. These strategic issues have a real impact on finance department facing multidimensional challenges:

  • ORGANIZATION: Multi-sites, multi-businesses, multi-activities, decentralized
  • TRANSFORMATION : Employee experience, hyper-growth, digitalization of the company, complicated Excel files to maintain, constantly evolving regulatory constraints…
  • IT: Fragmentation of IT and data sources, obsolescence of solutions,…
  • STRATEGIC: Investor relations, external growth, internationalisation, predictability and reliable management…

How to simplify and optimize investors relationship?

How to successfully integrate acquisitions, mergers or absorptions?

How to support hyper-growth and transformation?

How to manage complex, multi-business/multi-activity/multi-country organisations?