Talentia, your trusted GDPR partner

We have the tools, expertise and methodology to engage with you on the path to HRIS data GDPR compliance.

Talentia’s GDPR engagement

Talentia always places personal data protection at the heart of our software and services strategies. We looked holistically at GDPR, as a way to innovate and better serve our customers:

  • *We established our own GDPR internal initiative, covering Talentia’s internal processes and solutions, and more broadly our obligations as a sub-contractor under GDPR.
  • *We collaborate with various bodies (Syntec, SDDS, legal counsels…) to grow our expertise and track GDPR developments, in collaboration with public data protection authorities.
  • *We are one of the first software vendors to have created and proposed -as early as Q4 2018- a dedicated GDPR offering (“GDPR Plus” – see below).