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Powerful Recruitment Software to boost your employer brand, hire faster and deliver the best candidate journey. For any business, recruiting the right people at the right time is critical. Whether candidates are plentiful or in short supply, it is important to be able to screen applicants quickly and manage the flow of information between reviewing managers, applicants and HR to achieve the best results for the organisation whilst providing an attractive user experience for candidates.

Key benefits

Attract Talent

Reach a wider audience thanks to inbuilt multi-posting, social integration and job boards


Automate processes

Work more efficiently with automated processes to capture recruitment needs, simplify scheduling and deliver tasks

Streamline screening

AI matching & ranking, tests and video interviews and more will help you evaluate your candidates in less time

Simplify hiring

Finalise the hiring process and convert candidates to employees, issue contracts and welcome your new employees onboard

Recruitment Management Software

Accelerate recruiting cycles and promote internal mobility with Talentia Recruitment Management. An end-to-end solution to help automate recruitment request collection, identify internal candidates and execute the hiring process.

  • Reduce time to hire and shorten onboarding times
  • Advertise vacancies through internal job boards
  • Promote a culture of internal growth and mobility
  • Strengthen employee engagement and morale
Recruitment Management

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An innovative solution for easily attracting talent, managing selection process and shortlisting. Broaden your search and reach targeted talent through advertising on a wide range of job boards and social platforms. The AI matching engine with then quickly and accurately match candidates to the right job.

  • Utilise AI technology to find the best match
  • Advanced multiposting tool integrated with job boards and social networks
  • Real-time and automated video interviews
  • Test on hard skills and soft skills

A tailor-made solution for you

Recruitment Manager

Talentia helps the Recruitment Manager to find qualified talent and streamline their integration.

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Main use cases

How to manage recruiting difficulty and skills shortages?

How to simplify tedious and repetitive processes to improve efficiency?

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