Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Hire the right people, in less time with Talentia's ATS

Solution at a glance

An innovative ATS solution for easily attracting talent, managing selection process and shortlisting. Broaden your search and reach targeted talent through advertising on a wide range of job boards and social platforms. The AI matching solution system includes a semantic engine able to read and classify CVs and job offers, by automatically pre-screening candidates’ profiles.

Boost your employer brand

Increase awareness thanks to an integrated multi-posting tool, which spreads job vacancies from your branded career page onto job boards and social networks online.


Utilise technology to find the best match

Let the system automatically skim through all your candidate’s documents such as CV/ resume & cover letter, measure their suitability and indicate those who match your criteria. The candidate ranking is not only focused on those candidates looking for a job, but also on those who have already registered in your applicant database.

Talentia ATS makes it possible to assess candidates through a questionnaire or an automated video interview, as well as record a video CV. It is possible to assess language proficiency and soft skill tests also.

Supporting transparency and collaboration

Enabling a more fluid and inclusive hiring process with comments and feedback in one place. Candidate profiles and interview notes can be shared easily within the team (and externally) allowing for a more rounded overview of the potential employee.


Activity tracking with Talentia ATS

All the activities and the assessment of your applicants will be tracked in order to improve your entire management process and facilitate the cooperation within your HR department. Schedule interviews, provide applicant feedback, automate acceptance or rejection letters and more from within the portal. Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks and drill down into the details with advanced analytics.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) full feature list

Publish job vacancies to multiple job boards

CV semantic search and parsing

Job tests including Hard Skills, Soft Skills and language proficiency

Centralised documentation and feedback

Advanced search, ranking and matching

Create bulk & individual emails & SMS messages

Appointments agenda for Recruiters

Video Interview Platform

Seamless integration with Talentia for Hiring and Onboarding

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