Talentia Careers is the career development software enabling you to find the right person for the right job at the right time. Rethink Career Pathing Models to match the needs of the organization with the career aspirations of your employees.

Key Benefits of the career development software

Unlock your people's potential

First, align your employees’ development needs and their individual aspiration by developing career paths.

Identify and manage key business roles and positions

Besides, plan staff departures and identify successors to build career plans in line with individual and collective goals.

Corporate Performance Management talent management software

Stay on track with your talent's potential

And, empower talent to grow.

Manage Talent & Succession

With an extremely competitive job market, it is more important than ever to identify and retain the right talent. So, Talentia’s Talent & Succession Management software gives you all the necessary insights to identify the potential of your employees. Don’t let your own talent be missed!

Also, map key skills and abilities for the long-term company’s viability and growth. Moreover, identify positions at risk (aging workforce, skills transfer). This way, you can carry out the appropriate actions.

Besides, fenefit from all your HR information at a glance to make smart decisions about your talent.

  • Pinpoint your talent.
  • Map the skills, experience, potential, mobility, risk, and soft skills that define your organization.
  • Also, handle expectations and support employees’ evolution.
  • Identify the right candidates for a position and the possible impact before any move.
  • Find out the strengths and development needs of each of your existing and new positions.
  • And, plan for departures to ensure potential successors are properly selected.
Solution gestion des talents - logiciel de gestion des carrières

A tailor-made career development software for you

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Main use cases related to the career development software

How to manage recruiting difficulty and skills shortages?

How to accompany the hyper growth and transformation of the company?

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