HR Use cases

The Talentia HR Suite is particularly suited to managing the HR complexities of mid-size companies. It is suitable for companies that wish to manage all of their HR tasks within a single platform.

Simplify HR complexity

Companies have no choice but to grow in order to survive. To do so, they have several options: external growth, international development, LBO, IPO, diversification, etc.

These strategic issues have a real impact on HR and add to the multidimensional complexity that human resources departments have to manage:

  • Organisational Challenges: Multi-site organisation, multi-business functions, multi-activities, decentralised organisation…
  • Transformation Challenges: Employee experience, hyper-growth, digitalisation of the company, changing regulatory constraints…
  • Information System Challenges: Fragmented data sources, legacy systems, security, software obsolescence…
  • Strategic Challenges: Investor relations, external growth, internationalisation, talent management…

Key use cases encountered by HR

How to simplify tedious and repetitive processes to improve efficiency?

How to manage HR contractual challenges and compensation diversity?

How do you control the operating and maintenance costs of your HRIS?

How to accompany the hyper growth and transformation of the company?

What indicators should be put in place to steer the HR function?

How to manage recruiting difficulty and skills shortages?

How to manage changing regulatory constraints?