Disclosure Management

Talentia Disclosure Management, a solution for creating and publishing financial reports and documents. A complete, intuitive and collaborative tool, compliant with local and international regulations.

A streamlined a collaborative process for preparing annual and consolidated financial statements, financial reports, consolidated non-financial statements and other documents in Word

Talentia Disclosure Management is the most effective and competitive solution for the preparation of documents: financial and management documents, required to accompany the company’s financial statements and pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016 – Sustainability Reports. The software speeds up the process of data collection and document compilation thanks to predefined templates available directly in the solution.

Collaborative & secured notes can be done & shared on the accounts, reports figures, management report, non-financial statement. All types of statements (financial and non-financial) can benefit from the import and validation of data from the Talentia Consolidation platform and the flexibility of the Word add-in for text management. Teams can finally work together on the same dematerialized material remotely.

Collaboration, traceability & accuracy

Certified and secure, the solution allows financial statements or other documents in Word to be compiled and commented collaboratively and securely with high traceability. Users have secure access to the information they need, according to defined user profiles. Workflows automate and simplify controls, ensuring the validity, consistency, compliancy with pre-defined processes and quality of data from import to final validation. All changes made to documents are tracked and it is always possible to trace the source of the data. For the purpose of publishing financial statements in XBRL format, the same data can also be tagged with the updated ESEF taxonomy and stored electronically. Talentia CPM automates accuracy of financial statements. Talentia also ensures compliancy with constantly evolving regulations and thus allows you to peace of mind in managing those usually tight & tedious processes.

Collaboration, traceability & accuracy
Intuitive interface - Disclosure Management

Intuitive interface

The Disclosure Management solution has user friendly and simple interface, thanks to the integration of the Word and Excel add-ins that provide extreme flexibility and effectiveness in the tabular representation of data within the document. It is also possible to create and include the charts created directly in the MS Office environment, to enrich the financial statement or the notes.
Change Management is very easy, and you can capitalize on your financial team skills. Indeed, teams (for use AND configuration) only need Finance & Business Skills to configure the solution (reports, statements, workflows…) and do not need IT skills. Talentia CPM provides Finance teams ownership on their CPM solution.

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Disclosure Management full feature list

Automatic creation of documents to accompany the company’s financial statements (notes, management report, social report)

Dynamic reports with easy update of data

Remote & Collaborative work finally easy to operate & manage

Importing balance sheet data from Talentia Consolidation and Close

Tabular representation of data in the Word document

Processes Management thanks to intuitive workflow

User friendly interface (Word and Excel add-in)

Creation and integration of graphics in MS Office environment

High security & traceability of changes

Company financial statements in XBRL format

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