Unlock the potential of your people with a Talent Management Software

Bring together all of the information needed thanks to our Talent Management Software, a fully integrated, modular solution. See skills and experience; track potential, mobility, risk and readiness; manage career and succession plans; identify skills gaps and succession shortages; and much more.

Key benefits

HR Suite - Talentia Software

Strategic Employee Planning

Develop your companies’ goals and strategic planning

Encourage and Develop Employees

Grow your employees and build leaders for tomorrow

Payroll as a Service

Improve Engagement and Collaboration

Open up the channels for feedback and teamwork

Corporate Performance Management talent management software

Retain Top Talent

Acknowledge employee value to the organisation

Performance Management Software

Better understand your employees’ performance & potential and develop your future leaders. Talentia Performance Management allows HR and managers to easily track, analyse and evaluate employees, ensuring goals are met and needs are identified.  

  • Powerful & flexible
  • Encourage recognition and communication
  • Highlight
  • Define flexible goals
performance management
Continuous feedback

Continuous Feedback Software

Continuous feedback software boosts employee collaboration and interaction. Encouraging a culture of giving thanks and recognition for a job well done. Constructive feedback can praise good performance and motivate employees to succeed.

  • Open up the channels for feedback
  • A true and balanced view
  • Award & Motivate

A tailor-made solution for you

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Main use cases

How to manage recruiting difficulty and skills shortages?

How to accompany the hyper growth and transformation of the company?

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