Learning & Development Manager

Talentia supports the training manager in their development strategy

Critical Challenges Faced by Learning & Development Manager

As the pillar for transformation and linked to the company’s strategic objectives, the training manager defines, builds and steers the policy for developing employee skills, but to do this they must:


Identify training needs

The first step in identifying needs is to have a clear vision of the employees’ skills, those to be strengthened or acquired, how can you have a clear picture of these skills?


Control training budgets

In order to control budgetary constraints and costs, the training manager must maintain budgets and relationships with vendors and consultants.


Offer a new training experience

We talk about employee engagement, and training is one of its key drivers. The tools, methods and training offered must be adapted to new uses.


Support the growth of the company

Offering the right training to the right people at the right time, the development and growth of the company depends on it. How to identify needs, set up and manage training?

Talentia Learning & Development

With Talentia Learning & Development you can centralise the training catalogue, manage providers, identify development needs, simplify course administration and evaluate course effectiveness.

Engage employees with a modern learning experience and empower your organisation by delivering an employee-centric experience. With Talentia Learning and Development, you can boost engagement by making learning available anytime, anywhere.

Key benefits of Talentia Learning & Development

Payroll as a Service

Improve responsiveness to employee training needs

financial suite

Quickly and easily identify training needs

Corporate Performance Management talent management software

Strengthen employee engagement and talent development

Control your training plans and secure your legal obligations

Corporate Performance Management

Save time by simplifying administrative processes


Evaluate the effectiveness of the training provided

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