We put engagement and expertise at the heart of our commitment to you. We offer an end-to-end set of services, before, during and after implementation: consulting, setup, training, outsourcing and support. And you can choose the solution that suits you best: SaaS, hosted or on premise.

Consulting & Implementation

Our teams of project managers, implementation consultants, training specialists and support staff work with you at every step of the way : before deployment, during setup and once your Talentia solution is up and running.


Before Go live

  • Requirements gathering
  • Functional consulting
  • Scoping/framing
  • Project governance
  • Planning to Go Live
  • Technical setup
  • Functional setup
  • Installation & acceptance testing
  • Go live

After Go live

  • Functional support
  • Technical support
  • Customer success
  • Enhancements

Talentia University

  • Standard and tailored courses
  • Train the trainer
  • E-learning, virtual, classroom
  • Tailored training documentation
  • Mobile learning

Value Added Services

Accelerate your digital transformation with Talentia flexible outsourced business services. Talentia offers a flexible range of services to help you maximise your Talentia solution (Payroll, HR, Finance).

Talentia Cloud​

Whether you chose the SaaS or ‘on premise’ mode for your Talentia solution, you can outsource to us it hosting -within our Talentia Cloud-, as well as your solution’s operating, monitoring and corrective maintenance activities.


Regulatory Services​

Ensure Payroll compliancy by outsourcing to Talentia all regulatory watch, setup, evolutionary and regulatory maintenance activities of your Payroll application in France.

HR Business Services

Entrust Talentia to co-produce some activities or your entire Payroll process operations and monitoring in France (pre payroll, payroll cycle, post payroll). We also provide full-outsourced payroll management services in France as well.

Customer Success Management

Customer Satisfaction is a strategic priority for Talentia. To do this, Talentia has set up a Customer Success Management team, in charge of customer relations. Its primary objective is to be as close as possible to our customers and to do everything possible to best respond to the problems or questions of our customers.

The role of the customer success manager begins where that of the salesperson ends. As soon as the client is taken over, the CSM works to build a relationship of trust. He becomes his privileged contact. He is both the customer’s inner ear and his voice to the company.


The missions of the Customer Success team

  • Collect customer feedback: Promoting customer success means above all engaging in dialogue with them. Our mission is to regularly check that the products meet the real needs of our customers.
  • Be the spokesperson for clients within Talentia
  • Support customers in adopting our products by proposing new solutions or new products adapted to their needs.
  • Improve the satisfaction of our customers, by taking an interest in their business, their challenges, and their needs.
  • Keep our customers up to date by informing them about changes to the product they are using, new functions, as well as new potentially complementary products.

Any questions about our services ?

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