Managing regulatory payroll constraints

Easily manage the evolution of the regulatory requirements?

Payroll is a sensitive and highly regulated HR process today. It is about providing timely and accurate compensation to employees for their hard work. The regulatory context of payroll is subject to constant change, depending on the social, economic and political contexts. Regular monitoring to ensure payroll compliance is an absolute necessity.

Operational Challenges

Solutions & Benefits

Operational Challenge

How to ensure that payroll complies with regulations and the social legislation in force?

Dedicated solution

Payroll as a Service

Thanks to Talentia Software’s payroll software, optimise your payroll management, anticipate regulatory changes, identify risks, control costs: with Talentia Software’s payroll software, opt for a leading payroll management and personnel administration software to optimise your processes, better analyse, decide and act.

Dedicated solution

HR Business Services

A complete service to support your HR experience on a daily basis. With HR Business Services, you benefit from a comprehensive service for updating your HRIS in line with regulatory and organisational changes. We guarantee the monitoring and publication of regulatory and contractual changes.

Operational Challenge

How can I ensure my payroll is error-free?

Dedicated solutions

HR Intelligence - Payroll Controls

With HR Intelligence, it is easy to monitor payroll, reporting and accounting errors in real time. The HR department receives alerts on errors and events to be taken into account to manage priority adjustments and benefits from automatic comparisons and reconciliations.

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