How to automate payslip management?

Despite the many alternatives available, some companies are still using Excel to manage their payroll. Firstly, this is very impractical, since a separate file is required for each employee and all the data has to be entered manually – a long and time-consuming process. In addition, there is a higher risk of error, and it is particularly difficult to update each file in the event of changes to regulations, for example in relation to social security contributions or employer’s contributions. To improve efficiency, it is preferable to use an effective payslip management software package, such as that offered by Talentia Software.

Payroll management: a complex task

Payroll management is one of the most delicate tasks in the field of human resources. This is even all the truer when the company has a large number of employees. Differences in amounts, deductions and other details relating to the processing of certain individuals’ salaries make it difficult to draw up payslips, various versions of which then need to be generated. Any advances already paid to employees must also be taken into account. All the information that must be taken into consideration when generating the payslip can also make calculations difficult, especially if they are done manually.

However, IT solutions are now available, enabling the automation of all or part of a company’s payroll management operations. These include payslip generation software. However, to receive their full advantages, it is advisable to purchase them from a specialist and leave the task of integrating them into your information system to a professional. They are offered either under license or as SaaS.

Optimize payroll generation for your employees

Electronic payslips became legal in 2009, after which many companies began to adopt the system. Generally speaking, the days of manually filling out this document, crucial to any employee, are over.

With payslip software, you can rapidly gather and bring together all the necessary information, without having to enter it multiple times. The settings for the plan are also pre-configured based on the specific features of your business. Actual working hours, overtime, paid leave, sales commission, special bonuses, etc. are all variables that you can configure, along with the headings to be displayed.

You can then simply print out the payslips, or send them to each employee online if you have agreed on dematerialized communication. Finally, your social security declarations are ready immediately.

The advantages of mechanizing this essential but time-consuming task in human resources management are therefore numerous. By saving time and boosting efficiency, you can reduce the number of employees assigned to payroll processing and thereby cut down on payroll and administrative costs.

With the SaaS model now available, you can choose between purchasing a license to access the program or using a cloud-hosted service. You can also mechanize all payroll activities using a comprehensive tool integrated into your information system.

Talentia Software offers you a comprehensive payslip generation solution

Talentia is a European market leader in the field of business performance management systems. Our goal is to provide an efficient response to problems encountered by companies, regardless of their size and business sector.

A trusted business partner, we guarantee quality support together with other services such as integration, training, and technical assistance, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We have developed a wide range of solutions to optimize how your company’s finances are managed.

One of the many solutions offered by Talentia Software is its cutting-edge payslip generation software.

Also, when it comes to paying, compliance is a crucial requirement. We exercise continuous care to ensure that you always obtain documents that comply with the applicable legal provisions, especially since regulations can change very quickly.

Cut down on the constraints that result from using different programs to manage personnel, time and resource planning, payroll management, etc.!

Use our cloud-based payroll software for an ergonomic solution enabling all these important tasks to be dealt with smoothly. With the software hosted by the supplier, you avoid problems relating to storage, the security of files and communications, maintenance and upgrades.

Finally, you can keep expenses in check, since 24-hour access to the service and your data is provided in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription fee, without any unexpected additional costs. Contact us now – we offer speedy deployment and will support your users to ensure a smooth start-up period.