Managing skill shortages

Managing skills shortages and war on talent

When real talent is in short supply, it’s essential to have the tools in place to engage, motivate and retain employees. Hyper-growth generates a need for high volume recruitment and the continuous evolution of the organisation. Being able to automate recruitment, limit the risk of errors and speed up onboarding are becoming essential to meet the new challenges facing the company.

Operational Challenges

Solutions & Benefits

Operational Challenge

How can the recruitment process be simplified?

Dedicated solution

HCM - Talent Acquisition

From the selection of candidates to their integration, Talentia Recruitment streamlines the entire recruitment process, automating most of the administrative and tedious tasks associated with recruitment.

Operational Challenge

How to support the company's growth and build employee loyalty?

Dedicated solutions

HCM - Talent Acquisition

Talentia Talent helps companies better manage, engage, motivate, develop and retain its employees. Flexible and easy to use, it brings together all the elements necessary for optimal career plan management. Talentia Talent provides an effective and global vision of the skills, competencies, performance and ambitions of a company’s employees and the analyses required for informed decision-making.


HCM - Learning & Development

Help your employees reach their goals and develop their skills. With a modern training experience, empower your employees to take control of their career development. With Talentia Learning & Development, you can foster employee engagement by making learning available anytime, anywhere.

Operational Challenge

How to enhance employee experience?

finance expertise

Dedicated solution

Talentia HCM

Talentia’s HCM solution digitises the HR function and simplifies employees’ lives thanks to the simple and intuitive tools provided on the employee portal. Among other things, they can organise their tasks, exchange in real time with HR or other employees, access their personal data and modify it if necessary, find all their personal documents (CV, pay slips, employment contract, diploma or other), find the latest corporate documents issued by HR or e-training available, view the company’s organisation charts, congratulate employees or receive congratulations, see the positions available within the company, etc.

Operational Challenge

How to measure engagement?

Dedicated solutions

Talentia HCM, HR Analytics & Intelligence

Within the Talentia HCM solution, it is possible to carry out internal surveys to measure employee commitment and job satisfaction. The results, crossed with the results of annual interviews and HR indicators such as seniority, absenteeism and performance, it is easy to check the employee engagement rate.

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