HR Analytics & Intelligence

Benefit from dashboards of the HR Analytics software with all the needed indicators to optimize human resources management and support the company’s strategy.

With Talentia’s HR Analytics software, HR department has a single source of reliable, and updated data. The results? Save precious time, improve productivity, gain visibility, and boost engagement.

Key benefits of the HR Analytics software

With Talentia’s HR Analytics software, you have two levels of reporting that meet complementary challenges: human capital and HR administration management analysis. Analyze and manage also several dimensions: regulatory or operational; benchmark management: monitoring and comparison to align with best practices; or strategic management to support your decision-making (e.g., are my training policies effective?).

finance expertise


Share dashboards and key performance indicators, open private conversations with your business partners or consultants.


Empower the managers

Give your managers access to operational dashboards. They can create their own custom reports or new dashboards without any technical expertise.

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Make data more reliable

Give HR a reliable, up-to-date, and timely source of employee data.

Advanced Reporting

Directly connected to Talentia HCM, Advanced Reporting software allows HR and managers to quickly and easily create reports using verified and secure HR data. Drive your strategic decisions and guide managers and their teams towards goal achievement thanks to the powerful analytical reports.   

You can create reports and monitor your indicators:

  • Socio-demographic.
  • HR forecasts.
  • HR performance.
  • Recruitment.
Intelligence RH​
Intelligence RH​

HR Intelligence

Talentia HR Intelligence software allows you to simply manage HR administration on a daily basis. Directly integrated with Talentia’s payroll solution, HR Intelligence offers all the needed indicators to control your HR data. 

HR Intelligence allows you to review payroll, tax, and accounting errors in real-time. The HR department receives alerts to be taken into account to prioritize adjustments and benefits from automatic comparisons and adjustments.

Simplify also the social balance report by automatically providing all the mandatory statutory indicators. Identify any gaps in the HR management strategy relating to the employees’ social life, define necessary improvement policies and obtain Gender Equality Index in one click.

The key indicators are provided in real-time through dashboards:

  • Employees’ knowledge indicators
  • Administration management indicators
  • Payroll management and supervision indicators

A tailor-made HR Analytics software for you

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Recruitment Manager

Talentia helps the Recruitment Manager to find qualified talent and streamline their integration.

Learning Manager

Talentia supports the training manager in their development strategy.

Payroll Manager

Talentia optimises the management of your payroll and administrative processes.

Main Use Cases

What indicators should be put in place to steer the HR function?

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