HR Business Services

Optimize the performance of your payroll software with our HR Business Services

Can you manage the complexity of your HRIS?

Is your HRIS optimised?

Does your HRIS take into account changes in your company?

Does your HRIS adapt to the latest regulatory constraints?

Is your HRIS infrastructure secure?

Do you have control over your HRIS maintenance costs?

With HR Business Service, maximize your HR efficiency

Usability issues

Payroll engine settings, user guidance

  • Maintain the Payroll Regulations in an operational state
  • Functional support using your HRIS
  • Complementary functional enhancements and developments

Technical Issues

Simplify maintenance and operation

  • Installation of patches and minor versions
  • Support for hosting, operation and maintenance of the technical infrastructure

HR Business Service: A complete service to support your HR experience on a daily basis

A Customer Success Manager in charge of Customer Relations and Service organisation.

24/7 access to the services portal

Functional support

Budgeted functional changes

Secure regulatory monitoring and maintenance

Installation of patches and minor versions

Support for hosting, operation and maintenance of the technical infrastructure

Talentia's value proposition

Your HRIS is updated according to regulatory and organisational changes

You can delegate the time-consuming tasks of updating and operating your HRIS to a third party and concentrate on your high value-added missions.

Talentia CPM

Your operating and development costs are known and controlled

A Customer Advisor

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for customer relations and the organisation of services. The CSM manages all services to ensure optimal productivity and also coordinates the consultants who are specialists in each by domain. Finally, The CSM ensures the follow-up of the requests submitted, with the use of the Ticketing system guaranteeing their traceability.

Payroll as a Service

Functional Assistance

Global assistance the HR solution

  • Functional support for trained users
  • Functional support of new software versions

Qualification of your business needs

  • Assistance in the analysis of your CRM DSN-PAS
  • Assistance with the structuring of your business changes (new companies, Payroll plan settings, customised reporting, etc.).

Publication of information

  • FAQ-Wiki
  • Themed webinars according to the annual calendar

Secure Regulatory Maintenance

Talentia guarantees the monitoring and release of regulatory and contractual changes. We implement changes related to payroll regulations:

  • Legislative or regulatory texts, collective agreements, social and pension schemes, company agreements

Without forgetting the corrective maintenance of the existing payroll settings.

Financial Suite | Reporting & Analysis | Talentia CPM

Budgeted Functional Changes

We implement predetermined services including :

  • Configuration services, specific evolutions, etc…
  • Evolution estimated based on a functional support ticket
    Launch of evolving maintenance services on agreement of the Customer

The services provided are based on a predefined Services Catalogue and an agreed upon operating budget.

Dedicated hosting environment

Talentia takes care of your hosting as well as the operation, maintenance and technical infrastructure (servers, OS and DBMS).

  • Management of application environments
    100% dedicated environments
  • Performance Management
    System (QoS) & Application (QoE) Monitoring
  • Security Management
    Access monitoring, antivirus, anti-intrusion control, traceability
  • HRIS Administration
    Backup and restore – installation of patches and minor versions

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