Talentia Payroll as a Service

Talentia Payroll as a Service, a seamless and unified payroll process within a HRIS platform that takes into account your company's evolutions, adapts to the latest regulatory constraints and simplifies your payroll management.

A modular service

Payroll is the most sensitive and regulated HR process today. It involves providing timely and accurate compensation for the work of the employees in the company. Talentia’s Payroll software ensures compliance with regulations, payroll quality, data and process security. Talentia Payroll as a Service has a high-performance payroll engine that automates processes, integrating the administrative management of employees, T&A and human capital management (HCM).

  • Talentia Payroll as a Service is a complete solution for simplifying payroll management in full compliance. It combines high-performance payroll software that automates all the complexities and business services that ensure that regulatory and organisational changes are taken into account.
  • Talentia Payroll as a Service covers all HR areas: administrative management, T&A and Payroll management in a GDPR compliant environment.
  • You can easily update your payroll regulations combining external requirements (legislation) and internal obligations (company strategy).

A comprehensive Payroll solution

Corporate Performance Management

Time & Attendance

Ensure you have the right resources at the right time, in the right place. Optimise and organise the work of your employees while complying with your companies’ regulations.

Payroll Management

Managing the company’s human resources is a major strategic challenge. Controlled management of the wage bill allows for optimal profitability. With Talentia’s Payroll management software, you develop an efficient payroll policy

Payroll as a Service

HR Digitalisation

The Labour Law encourages companies to use digital pay slips, but HR digitisation does not stop there. All HR documents – payslips, employee files, employment contracts – can be digitised and made available to employees on personal and secure platforms.

HR Analytics & Intelligence

Benefit from dashboards of the HR Analytics software with all the needed indicators to optimize human resources management and support the company’s strategy. With Talentia’s HR Analytics software, HR department has a single source of reliable, and updated data. The results? Save precious time, improve productivity, gain visibility, and boost engagement.

Key benefits

Boost productivity

Automate your complexities: multi-structures, multi-contracts, retroactivity, backpay…

Reliable payroll management

Control the entire production chain with consistency checks from the input to the output of the payslip.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Reduce social and tax risk by controlling regulatory compliance to gain peace of mind.

Payroll as a Service

Empower employees

Involve employees by providing a library of processes to streamline and harmonise administrative management.

Promote independence

Provide managers and employees with an HR portal to facilitate HR procedures (access to files, requests, absences, etc.).

Payroll as a Service

Secure regulatory management

Via the DSN (personal social declaration portal), transmit your social declarations quickly and securely.

Talentia Finance - Talentia HR

Total confidence

Enjoy an intelligent information system with push-alerts and control indicators.

Ensure GDPR compliance

Platform designed with the protection of personal data and privacy in mind, based on the concept of ‘Privacy by design’.

A tailor-made solution for you

Payroll Manager

Talentia optimises the management of your payroll and administrative processes.

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Main use cases

How to manage changing regulatory constraints?

How to simplify tedious and repetitive processes to improve efficiency?

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