Talentia Payroll Review : A collaborative tool to simplify the salary review process as much as possible.

November 22, 2019

Ressources Humaines et intégration de la paie, un duo inséparable

Salary is a fundamental factor in ensuring employee motivation. However, to ensure its effectiveness, payroll managers must position themselves in relation to other employers in the sector in the same geographical area.  For the HR function, it is a question of finding the right balance between market salaries, the company’s competitiveness and recruitment difficulties.

The salary review software, Talentia Payroll, gives you the keys to answer this equation and supports you in your salary review process. All this information makes it easier to define your compensation policy based on profiles and positions and to identify the right salary levels to attract and retain talent.

With Talentia Compensation, managers can consult the salary reviews of the various teams using a certain amount of information.

  • Current salary of the employee
  • Proposed increase
  • Performance obtained

The software can be used as a stand-alone tool, or integrated with the rest of Talentia HCM, targeting a process from planning to payroll system notification.

Retain your talents

The management of these and skills can only be achieved through a policy that promotes fair and motivating benefits. The challenge is to be able to maintain the company’s attractiveness in a highly competitive market. Managers have the opportunity to consult the salary reviews of the various teams and develop a fair and competitive salary policy. All this is due to a certain amount of information.

  • View your company’s salary history, hierarchy and employee performance.
  • Compare salaries internally and in relation to the market.
  • Check the organizational structure and the different team assignments.
  • Fully configurable, Talentia Compensation offers you the option of setting the start and end dates of the various stages of the campaign.
  • With the finance department, define the allocation rules and calculate the amount of the different envelopes according to the units of organizations, departments and departments. (General, individual, bonus, target variable, etc.)

Different steps are thus put in place to pass on salary revisions to each superior actor in the process, in particular with zones dedicated to completing, approving or refusing.

Perform the analysis and review of your salaries

Talentia Payroll review has been designed to include as many features as possible configured in an optimal way.

  • Configurable salary program
  • Autonomy option: Load all data to prepare for the salary exam using a Smart Data Loader (intelligent downloadable data)
  • Selectable and customized budget rules
  • Selectable compensation element
  • Configurable suggestion matrices
  • Possibility of automatically including the salary pool from the organizational structure or manual configuration
  • Multi-currency: Employee currency, pool and system currency
  • Process for reviewing team workflow and compensation with budget validation
  • Review of additional elements such as contract or promotion level and job class
  • Performance score achieved
  • Automatic suggestions: example: automatic salary increase range based on participant classification
  • User analyses and dashboards for HR and payroll managers
  • Customization point: basic calculation, calculation of suggestions 

The benefits of Talentia Pay Review for human resources

  • Budget rules and constraints that can be configured for people eligible for a salary review
  • Overview of all proposals for revision of salaries and increases planned in the form of an analytical table and a complete control of the process
  • No more constraints with paper, just a fully secure web access to all data and fully mobile

The advantages of Talentia Pay Review for managers

  • Main actors in the process: Access to salary review for all team members in a single form, including mobility
  • Access to each other’s performance in order and to the recommendations suggested by the system based on the results