Time Tracker Software

Simplify time and attendance tracking for your employees and deliver real-time and accurate analytics to the Managers thanks to Talentia Time Tracker software. Your employees will track their working time easily with just one click from everywhere, no matter if they are in the office or WFH.

Solution at a glance

According to a Gartner analysis, 16% of employers are more frequently using technologies to monitor their employees through methods such as virtual clocking in and out.   

With this module, Employees can track their working time using an electronic timesheet, fully accessible from everywhere in one single click.

Managers will be automatically notified, via email, MS Teams, or Slack, to review and approve their teams’ timesheets.

Talentia provides HR departments and Managers with an effective solution for monitoring and analyzing tracked working time against specific Project and Activities. The result? To sum up, you will capture resource allocation cost and profitability KPIs simply at a glance.

Project and Activities

Setup easily your projects, with associated teams and activities, where your employees can charge their attendance hours. This way, you will get related statistics and the cost analysis per project automatically.

Time tracker - Project and Activities
Time tracker - Clock In/Clock Out

Clock In/Clock Out

Let your employees record working times effortlessly and in real-time. With the easy-to-use Clock In / Clock out application, your employees will track their attendance even remotely or on the go.

Monthly Timesheet

Even without using the Clock In / Clock Out, employees will have a monthly timesheet too. In addition, this Timesheet is seamlessly integrated with the Absence module and the Core HR system. This way the monthly timesheet will be up to date with:

  • All the approved absences,
  • The working hours scheduled per day,
  • And, any public holiday.
Time tracker - Monthly Timesheet
Time tracker - Team Working Time Monitor

Team Working Time Monitor

Managers will approve their team members monthly timesheets, being notified in real time about any timesheet pending for approval by eMail, MS Teams or Slack.

They can finally monitor the progress of the team and where they are with the timesheet compilation.

Overtime management

Employees can ask their managers for overtime approval. And all approved working hours will end up centrally in the Monthly Timesheets and available for historical reference in the Employee’s Time Tracking dossier.

Time tracker - Overtime management
Time tracker software Analytics

Time tracker software Analytics

Thanks to a rich set of dashboard analytics, HR and Managers can monitor employees’ attendance, overtime hours, and project profitability by comparing internal resource costs with billable hours.

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Time Tracker software full feature list

Billable and non-billable projects

Fixed price and time & materials projects

Cost analysis / Project Profitability analysis

“One click”, real-time, and on-the-go time tracking

Natural Language interaction

Pre-compilation from Clock In / Clock Out

Charge Hours on Project / Activities

Approved Absences and Bank Holidays reconciliation

Approval Workflow / MS Teams, Slack, or email notifications

Managers and HR Monitor dashboards

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