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Who are we?

Talentia, a trusted partner to make HR & Finance Complexity easier thanks to HR and Finance softwares fitted to mid-size companies complexity.


Mission & Vision

For every business today, it’s all about growth.

To grow, companies develop several strategic options like mergers & acquisitions, international expansion, LBO, IPO or diversification.

This increasing pressure on CFOs & CHROs and 80% of CFOs & CHROs we met say their job is getting much more complex.

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Un partenariat entre Talentia et Libellula Project, le premier réseau d'entreprises à mettre fin à la violence contre les femmes

CFOs and CHROs have to deal with organisational, technical, economical and regulatory challenges.

With Talentia, complexity is made easier thanks to our best-in-class HR and Finance softwares fitted to mid-size companies specific needs. We allow CHROs and CFOs to reach their business goals and become a strategic partner of their company.

Our Social Engagement

Talentia supports the Carbone Scol’ERE France program of the Léo Lagrange federation

Carbone Scol’ERE France is a turnkey educational program for children aged 9-12.

Citizens, companies, organizations and events are invited to make a donation to support this project. Its objective is to sustainably transform the lifestyle habits of young people and their families through the adoption of eco-responsible gestures. This project began in Quebec ten years ago through the initiative of Coop FA. Today, the Léo Lagrange Federation extends its action by developing the program in France. This year, 200 schools throughout the territory will benefit from the program. Our ambition: to propose to schools throughout France to live the project for the school year 2021-2022.

Talentia supports the GROUPE SOS Donation Fund

Today, the GROUPE SOS meets the needs of society in 9 sectors of activity: Youth, Employment, Solidarity, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological Transition, International Action and Territorial Action. The GROUPE SOS was created more than 35 years ago by Jean-Marc Borello, its President, with the ambition to fight against exclusion in all its forms. The group has gradually diversified its activities. With 21,500 people employed in 2019, 550 establishments and services and a budget of 1,021 million, the GROUPE SOS is Europe’s leading social enterprise.

By placing social innovation at the heart of its practices, the group demonstrates that it is possible to build a solid organization, capable of creating and sustaining economic activities, while having a strong social impact.

We are happy to be a Libellula Company

Working every day for a culture free of any violence against women and gender-based discrimination.

Fondazione Libellula promotes a cultural model to prevent and combat any form of violence against women and gender discrimination. They work with companies, such as Talentia, in order to build a fair, respectful, and inclusive society.

Equality, respect for every human being, attention to small things: these are the values the organization is committed to spreading in every context.

Our Values

Our values are the pillars of our corporate culture. They constitute our DNA. They are the founding action principles of every employee both inside Talentia and vis-a-vis our customers, prospects and partners.

Continuous feedback


Our people’s Engagement makes us a committed, reliable and sustainable company. We closely work with our customers to meet their aspirations and reach their goals, all along our journey together.

finance expertise


Our Expertise results from our individual and collective actions across all Talentia engagements. Our technological and regulatory watch enable us to anticipate and meet HR and Finance challenges.


Innovation drives each of our actions. We anticipate, we are bold and we take risks. We seek useful innovation for maximum customer impact.



We are Agile to continuously adapt our products, services and processes to changing customer and market needs.

Our Solutions

HR, Finance or both, Talentia will always fit your needs.


HR Suite

An end-to-end HR solution to engage, manage, develop, motivate and grow your Talent.


Financial Suite

A single platform for financial management, planning & analytics, financial close.

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