Key Performance Indicators in the HR function

What are the key performance indicators needed to manage the HR function?

HR need to effectively track 3 key periods in the life of the employee: joining the company (attractiveness and recruitment), life within the company (engagement, mobility, training, diversity, equity, social balance sheet) and leaving the company (turnover analysis, satisfaction). These different stages must be precisely measured and analysed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the HR policy in order to support the company’s present and future strategy.

Operational Challenges

Solutions & Benefits

Operational Challenge

Real-time KPIs to measure HR performance

Dedicated solution

HR Analytics & Intelligence

With HRI, you benefit from more than 100 HR indicators to monitor your HR performance:

Hiring time, employee potential vs performance, turnover, diversity, pay equality, course completion and success, training budget and many more

Operational Challenge

Indicators related to payroll and employees

Dedicated solutions

HR Analytics & Intelligence

HRI allows you to better understand your employees, the evolution and distribution of your workforce, to detect trends and predict your future needs. You can evaluate the rate of absenteeism and understand the reasons for it. You can analyse remuneration and compare it with the company’s performance. You can measure individual and overall performance.

Operational Challenge

How can the social balance sheet be simplified?

Dedicated solution

HR Analytics & Intelligence

Significantly simplify the social balance sheet by automatically providing all mandatory legal indicators. The HR department can quickly identify gaps in the HR management strategy relating to the social life of employees in the company, define the necessary improvement policies and provide a Gender Equality Index at the click of a button.

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