Service Delivery

Talentia HR Service Delivery facilitates exchanges between employees and HR. This employee self-service software provides all the tools to simplify HR teams’ processes, such as surveys, social and collaboration, and digital signatures.

Service Delivery: key benefits of Talentia's employee self-service software

Easily Conduct employee surveys

Through easy-to-use surveys, poll your employees in real time with engaging and intuitive interviews. Also, detect weak signals and identify the potential psychological and social risks.

HR Suite - Talentia Software

Encourage exchanges and develop collaboration

With widespread home office, benefit from a solution designed to develop social ties within the company, no matter where your employees are located.

Payroll as a Service

Reconnect HR and employees and offer an optimized HR service

Responding automatically and in real time to employee questions means increasing employee satisfaction and simplifying HR’s daily work.

Simplify HR document management with digital signatures

Electronic document management and digital signature reduce the time required to process staff files. Signing numerous documents and contracts throughout the career path is greatly simplified.


Talentia’s Survey module provides HR departments with an effective solution for collecting and analyzing employees feedback. This allows the HR team to evaluate the company’s strategy and possible issues.

Asking employees for their opinion means better considering them. Besides, it allows to measure the employees’ well-being and measure employees’ satisfaction.

  • Quickly and easily conduct internal surveys
  • Build questionnaires in a few clicks for different needs:
  • Trial period analysis and feedback
  • On the spot evaluation
  • Professional interviews, end of trial period interviews…
  • Workplace well-being survey, commitment survey, departure survey…
  • Select targets and participants according to the needs of the survey.
  • Opt for anonymous or nominative surveys.
  • Access all analyses and statistics.
Enquêtes - employee self-service software
Logiciel de gestion RH - employee self-service software

Social & Collaboration

With Social & Collaboration, develop collaboration within the organization and smooth communication. Connected to Teams or Slack and using the natural language, simplify the exchanges throughout the organization, for instance: start constructive conversations, enable openness and transparency and connect teams.

  • Create an enterprise social network,
  • Encourage collaboration and information sharing,
  • Create topic-based communities and public or private discussion groups.

Virtual Assistant

Thanks to Talentia’s digital workplace and virtual assistant, simplify exchanges between HR and employees and so improve employees’ experience.

By using the natural language and day-to-day business tools such as Teams or Slack, employees get answers to their questions 24/7. Besides, HR teams benefit from simplified missions (quick access to HR information, notifications to employees, daily assistance, etc.).

  • Use Natural language (NLP) both written and spoken to ask questions from the chat or your day-to-day collaborative tools (Teams, Slack…),
  • User-friendly exchanges in real time question/answer mode,
  • Push notifications to all employees via Collaborative tool uses by all employees
Logiciel de gestion RH
Signature électronique RH

Digital signature

The digital signature drastically simplifies the HR document management and contracting processes. It complies with regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN) and provides a legal value to documents signed electronically.

  • Electronic signature integrated with contract management, performance appraisal and salary review of HCM.
  • eIDAS, UETA and eSIGN ACT compliant signature.
  • Signing any type of document electronically.
  • 3 types of digital signatures.
  • Validation and signature workflows.
  • Possibility to accept or refuse the signature.
  • Including a legal notice.

A tailor-made employee self-service software for you

HR Director

Talentia supports HR Directors in all aspects of HR management.

Recruitment Manager

Talentia helps the Recruitment Manager to find qualified talent and streamline their integration.

Learning Manager

Talentia supports the training manager in their development strategy.

Payroll Manager

Talentia optimises the management of your payroll and administrative processes.

Employee self-service software: main use cases

How to simplify tedious and repetitive processes to improve efficiency?

How to manage HR contractual challenges and compensation diversity?

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