Hypergrowth & Transformation

Manage hypergrowth and transformation

To survive, companies have no choice to grow. To reach that goal, they have several options like acquisitions, LBOs, international expansion, etc. 

Hypergrowth involves complex challenges to be solved: How can business processes be simplified for greater efficiency? How can internal management be adapted to meet the new challenges?

Operational Challenges​

Solutions & Benefits

Operational Challenges​

How can business processes be simplified for greater efficiency?

Financial Suite | Reporting & Analysis

Dedicated solutions

Talentia Financial Suite

Talentia Financial Management easily adapts to company’s evolutions and can be easily used by all the stakeholders of the finance department. Automating accounting processes and operations from data entry to closing and controls, the solution considerably increases teams productivity and efficiency while limiting risks and errors. All Finance stakeholders share in real time the same information with drill down access to details.

Talentia Finance is well suited for multi-activity and decentralized groups with undergoing growth or transformation. The analytics are powerful and revisable and the management models can be managed in parallel.

Operational Challenges​

How to adapt internal management and company governance to reach new challenges?

Financial Suite | Reporting & Analysis | Talentia CPM

Dedicated solutions

Talentia CPM

Talentia CPM strengthens corporate governance. It provides a complete and secure view of corporate performance to maximize strategy and global objectives alignment. It allows to deploy a management process reflecting company’s challenges and activities. It simplifies financial performance sharing, management reporting, multidimensional analyses and budgeting.

Financial Suite | Reporting & Analysis | employees reward system

Finance Intelligence

Finance Intelligence delivers dashboards providing significant help for accounting audit, financial control, cut-off and Corporate performance management (cash management, customer turnover and collection, Purchasing and Investments management).

Operational Challenges​

Are the used financial tools suited for hypergrowth management?

Dedicated solutions

Talentia Finance

The most complete accounting and financial management solution for efficient management of company’s growth and transformation. Talentia Financial Management simply adapts to changes in the company and can be easily used by Financial stakeholders and business lines.

Operational Challenges​

How to efficiently manage cash to control investments?

Talentia CPM

Dedicated solutions

Talentia Cash Management

Talentia Cash Management solution allows companies to compare actuals with forecasts at any time (accounting, pure forecasts, etc.), analyze their working capital and forecasts.

Simple and intuitive, the solution automates cash management for better control of available cash. Complete and modular, it integrates all cash management functions: forecast management, automatic transfers from account to account, bank and cash reconciliation, interest scales, current account management, management of short-term Spot loans, etc…

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