How to choose a HCM software provider?

Human capital management software is an essential tool for human resources management. But companies are highly advised to procure it from a specialist. Talentia Software is a specialist publisher of dedicated HR software solutions. With Talentia, you can put your mind at ease.

Human capital management: a complex and delicate task

A company’s human capital refers to its entire workforce. Its management is normally the task of the human resources department. However, managing a company’s workforce is not always an easy task, since certain operations may concern all employees while other cases require individual attention. This work becomes even more laborious if the processing of pay, leave and other elements of payroll management varies significantly between many of the company’s employees.

Using human capital management software is a way of simplifying all tasks relating to the company’s overall personnel management. This type of tool has numerous features making it possible to automate the majority of operations, such as monitoring individual leave, absences, pay, etc., save time in carrying out such tasks, and limit the risk of error.

Human capital management software: functions to cover the employee life cycle

A complete HR management solution includes all the tasks assigned to personnel managers, from an employee’s recruitment until their departure from the company. Personnel managers thus gain tools enabling them to efficiently manage all phases in the employee life cycle: recruitment, time management and planning, pay and administration, talent management and departure.

This modular software allows the HR department not only to manage employees, but also to encourage, motivate, develop and retain them. It is able to identify the most talented individuals who may become key factors in the company’s success, as well as those in difficulty who require guided and personalized support.

As a rule, software publishers who also integrate their own solutions offer clients the greatest flexibility, since their experts will adapt their human capital management software to meet the specific needs communicated by the company.

Develop your human capital with Talentia HR Suite

To help Human Resources managers carry out their duties, we designed Talentia HR Suite, a human capital management software package. This integrated modular solution offers a complete range of tools to help you boost performance and easily achieve your objectives.

Talentia HR Suite provides you with a solution featuring modules to cover the employee life cycle, which can be enhanced by the following:

  • contract management solution for easy administrative monitoring of every aspect of contracts: automated drafting, monitoring of various expiration dates, drawing up standard and customizable contracts, etc.
  • payroll management and budgeting solution
  • time management solution and activities to optimize employees’ work
  • optimization and resource planning solution to meet the needs of dynamic personnel management
  • workplace health and safety solution: manage workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, evaluate and prevent occupational hazards, prevent difficult working conditions
  • HR decision-making solution: gain excellent visibility of human capital and a unique data repository that benefits all individuals involved
  • administrative management solution: garnishments, medical examinations, pension provisions, management of senior staff…

Your solution may also include a collaborative portal that can be accessed by managers and employees, and a solution for managing social security declarations.

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