How to improve your recruitment process?

Recruiting new employees is a process that requires not only time, but also good organization. It involves many operations, starting with an identification of needs and only ending once the new employee has been integrated into the company. By using a human capital management solution, it is possible to significantly improve and streamline this process.

Which is the best recruitment management solution?

It is better to choose a solution whose features cover the entire recruitment process. It should provide support for defining vacant positions, advertising the offer on multiple channels (including all professional portals and networks), gathering applications via online forms, and sourcing applicants from a CV library.

It should also help streamline the screening and selection of candidates as well as the management of job offers and hires via workflow. Finally, this tool must also cover the onboarding process and enable data to be exported to the payroll solution once the status of the successful candidate changes to that of an employee.

It is thus important to ensure that the recruitment management software helps you to:

  • increase your attractiveness to profiles that meet your criteria
  • improve the efficiency of your sourcing strategy
  • successfully integrate the new employee
  • gather all information necessary to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment process.

By opting for the HR performance management solution offered by Talentia Software, you can enjoy all the benefits provided by Talentia’s Recruiting & Onboarding software. This will enable you to attract and integrate the ideal profile into the right position, at the right time.

HR performance management with Talentia Software

As one of the major players in the field of publishing and integrating business management solutions, we have developed solutions to support Human Resources Departments in their day-to-day operations. In particular, we offer an integrated and flexible HRIS consisting of several modules, including our recruitment management software, Talentia Recruiting and Onboarding.

Offering complete functional coverage of the recruitment process, our software helps you to anticipate your hires, limit turn-over costs, improve your productivity and, most importantly, increase the attractiveness of your employer brand. Some of the many benefits of our solution include key performance indicators (KPI), mass processing of data resulting from your campaigns, identification of promising candidates, shorter recruitment cycles, and the standardization and optimization of onboarding.

It also provides you with precise measurement tools, enabling you to establish a reliable recruitment management policy

Our human capital management solution also includes other modules to address HR department business challenges: resource management, talent management, training management, human resources management, compensation, payroll management and personnel administration.