Benefits of Using a Time Tracking Tool

December 20, 2022

With more and more companies offering hybrid or flex work schedules and forming international remote teams, demand for digital tracking tools has risen significantly. Tracking employee time is one of the biggest concerns for many businesses.

Traditionally speaking, this was practiced through manual hour calculation and managing employees’ attendance. Handling sheets of paper and jotting down names and numbers can feel tedious and overwhelming. Not to mention this process is more at risk for human error. This is where a HCM time tracker can help facilitate the ease and accuracy of recording data. In fact, 1 in 4 organizations plans to start or increase their use of automation software for HR activities in the next five years, according to a report from SHRM.

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies in a number of different industries rely on automated tracking and scheduling tools. Employee progress, payroll, workloads and budgeting need to be updated fast and accurately. HR managers need time tracking tools that can be accessible anywhere, are user friendly and easy to learn.  Talentia’s Time and Attendance software combines security, reliability and configurability.

Read on to learn six ways the Time Tracking tool can help you track your employees efficiently and increase productivity.

6 Specs a Time Tracking tool offers to help you track employee time and progress quickly and efficiently

1. Time Tracker: easier digital way

This feature allows employees to track their working time using an electronic timesheet inside the HCM software. Managers can review and approve their team’s timesheets and can choose to be notified in a variety of ways. They can be notified by email, MS Teams or Slack whenever there is a timesheet ready for approval.

2. Clock-in, Clock-out: fast and one single click

The Clock-in, Clock-out function offers one-click time tracking. It has a responsive design and tracks working time in real-time. Absence requests such as leave and road-trip time (RTT) can be made via a configurable workflow process.

3. Timesheet Compilation and Approval: automatic

All timesheets will be available to access from the My Timesheets Landing Page. The Clock-in, Clock-out feature, as mentioned previously, will pre-compile them, which helps simplify this time-consuming step.

4. Working Time Monitor for Teams: in real-time

Time Tracker’s Timesheet Calendar lets you view team members’ current timesheets and their individual work history. You can access the calendar at any time and see everyone’s progress in real-time. You will be able to monitor tasks that are actively being worked on and see which ones are finished.

5. Overtime Management: faster and without errors

Whenever a worker makes an overtime request, the manager can approve it through the Overtime Management tab. All requests will appear on the corresponding electronic timesheet, which employees can view via individual accounts. This function will help facilitate timesheet reconciliation and help avoid errors.

6. Advanced Analytics: understanding time tracking tool data

Finally, on the Time Tracking Analytics Dashboard, HR managers will be able to see hours tracked by a monthly and annually basis and how many timesheets, if any, are incomplete. Worktime distribution is recorded by project. In addition to all of this, your company will be able to set and track project profitability KPIs such as billable vs. Internal cost, budget vs. real cost, price per project and fixed price projects cost.

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Start Streamlining Time Tracking

With Talentia’s Time Tracker tool, both HR managers and staff members will be able to keep a better eye on their work performance and accurately report the hours they dedicate to the company.

Help your team get and stay organized and improve their overall productivity in the process by streamlining data tracking.

If you would like more information or want to see pricing for the Time Tracker software, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help get your team fully automated and save your organization precious time in the process!