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The company, with over 70 years of history, is a trailblazer of psychometric tests and tools in Italy.
With 40,000 customers worldwide, today Giunti Psychometrics is operating in 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Giunti constantly improves and expands its product range, exploring the market in search of dynamic realities to incorporate.


Giunti Psychometrics’ need was to ensure compliance to the consolidated financial reporting process, enabling the timely monitoring of the budget and business plan of each corporate entity and accelerating the strategic decision-making process of the Global Board of Directors.
The main requirements:

  • measure financial performance in a faster way
  • adopt user-friendly tools for decision-makers
  • gain accurate financial metrics and actual vs. budget analysis
  • implement a fast and centralised financial management process
  • have a common global financial framework and language
  • implement a faster and more efficient data collection process
  • use a data repository with tracked and verifiable information.


Thanks to the implementation of the Talentia CPM solution, it was possible to make control and consolidation processes efficient at Giunti Psychometrics.

Below are the main activities that Talentia software supports:

Net sales reports (actual and forecasted), which are uploaded to the Talentia platform

Cash on bank accounts, transmitted via Swift MT940 protocol from the Group’s Cash Management Tool

Intercompany commercial and financial transactions (revenues, costs, payables and receivables)

Intercompany commercial and financial transactions (revenues, costs, payables and receivables)

Financial reporting package, which is uploaded to the Talentia platform (transcoding between the local chart of accounts and the group chart of accounts must be set up)

Manual adjustments directly in Talentia, when necessary, in order to comply with the Giunti Group’s accounting and reporting principles and to record infra-annual accounting entries related to the closing process (accruals, deferrals, stocks, etc.).

All the main activities of the financial process are distributed among several key users of the system:

the Contributors who input data into the system and the Pilots who monitor differences in ICO transactions, such as the elimination of common assets/liabilities, the netting of cross-selling transactions and other adjustments required by the transition from local GAAP to Giunti Psychometrics accounting and reporting standards.

The latter also sets and updates the chart of accounts, transcodes with local charts of accounts, exchange rates, etc.

The outputs of the financial consolidation process are summarised below:

  • Net sales performance
  • Consolidated financial reporting (balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow)
  • Intercompany reconciliations
  • Economic and financial metrics
  • Time analysis of trade receivables and payables
  • Amount of financing with banks
  • Trend of liquidity in company bank accounts

Talentia Software’s CPM solution has enabled Giunti to:

  • Streamline daily activities
  • Optimise budgeting: planning vs. actuals
  • Profile users: set up user profiles based on access and modification permissions
  • Have different charts of accounts (operational, statutory, etc.)
  • Run the reporting process in customisable Excel format
  • Reduce the costs for consolidation software
  • Benefit from a solution tailored to specific business needs
  • Easily adapt the solution to the existing business model
  • Access the system from anywhere, with no need for complex IT knowledge
  • Obtain the first results within just a few weeks after implementation.