Avoid the HR mistakes of 2020 thanks to data analysis

January 27, 2021

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2020 is over. It is also time to implement a “new year, new life” in HR. So it’s time to review what our team has done during the past year. This analysis will serve to identify the mistakes made in HR management with the goal of avoiding them in 2021. 

Data analysis is the best available HR process to achieve that goal. And, through HR management software, the department obtains reliable data in real time to make the best possible decisions. Otherwise, we run the risk of implementing the wrong measures for our company. Not having reliable sources ends up in inefficient management.   

Using artificial intelligence, this type of software analyzes thousands of pieces of data that help HR managers create reports to monitor overall performance. It also enables them to be more flexible in their daily tasks, while giving staff greater autonomy.  

 2021, a new challenge for HR management 

2020 has transformed the working environment. Remote working has become a common dynamic, which has brought several challenges to HR management. The main one is achieving effective communication and collaboration at a distance, according to 3,521 workers interviewed by Buffer for its annual 2020 study. The use of online communication tools has been one way to overcome this.  

Staff motivation has been another challenge that the HR manager has had to face. One way to address this problem has been to keep employees connected within a virtual environment so that they feel accompanied and supported by the rest of the team. Another way to motivate them has been to allow flexible working hours to reconcile professional and personal life in the face of the high level of stress produced by the spread of COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, disruption in the working world is occurring in the midst of one of the most difficult moments in recent history. The health crisis still lingers, so the hybrid model is consolidating as the preferred one to ensure a safe return to the office, according to the IDC consultancy. 

Forbes identifies five HR challenges for 2021. Among them, given the current uncertainty, avoiding being hard on employees and making remote working really effective. To do this, it recommends investing in technologies that will identify strategies for effective teamwork. In that regard, data analysis is an optimal way to manage human capital performance within a digital work environment. 

Talentia Software provides Talentia HR Intelligence for the HCM tool, an HR management software that puts a simple real-time data analysis system within the reach of HR managers. It is the perfect tool to create accurate reports. In this way we can direct the future of the organization towards the most optimal destination, with the consultation and analysis of historical and current information. This allows the HR Director to identify trends in results.   

Producing reports or graphs with Talentia HR Intelligence becomes a very easy task. It is a secure system with which in a few clicks the HR Director or Talent Manager can save time in communicating with their teams in the most efficient way, presenting KPIs, through the management of interactive dashboards that provide real-time information. 

Data analysis: the technology partner of the HR Director

Data analysis is revolutionary for many departments. And HR is also part of this transformation toward a more digital world.  

KPMG believes in data analysis as the cornerstone for the future of HR. The consulting firm is convinced that businesses with a long-term view must make the most of the potential offered by this system. In this way, it is possible to improve decision-making and predict results.  

In a KPMG survey, 80% felt that data analysis is a tool that adds value to HR management. And, among those who had invested in artificial intelligence, the vast majority (88%) said it had been worthwhile. Of that group, 33% had invested in data analysis, according to a survey of 1,210 senior HR executives.  

2020 was a very difficult year that left several challenges for 2021. Having the right information helps minimize failures. In that respect, data analysis is the best technological ally that HR managers can have to respond to the maelstrom of digital changes. Implement management software and avoid the mistakes of 2020.