Talentia Software and Arca24 joining forces to improve the recruitment process

January 18, 2021

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The partnership between the two companies aims to digitalize and integrate the recruiting process into a trusted enterprise HCM platform

Talentia Software, a leading developer of HR and financial management solutions for midsize companies, announces a technology partnership with Arca 24, HR Factory. The objective is to focus on the development of a new common HRIS to support the recruitment process in the HCM platform.

The management of human resources and the digitalization of HR processes are essential activities for any company that looks at business results and the enhancement of its talents. The result of the recruiting processes also depends on the ability to enhance and digitalize the key activities of the recruiter with a valid supporting technology.

It is from this conviction that was born the collaboration between Talentia Software and Arca24, which has set as its objective the development of a joint HR solution resulting from the merger of two separate software: Talentia HCM and Arca24 ATS. The idea for these two competing companies is to work together to combine their respective skills and technologies. The objective is to be able to integrate the recruitment process into a reliable HCM platform. The idea is to be able to leverage the strengths of both solutions in order to create a synergy capable of producing a result of excellence.

The result is a new structured and performing solution, which integrates in a single platform, two software products implemented with different philosophies and themes, but able to communicate in complete harmony and to ensure the user an excellent user experience.

Arca24’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has been integrated into the Talentia HCM (Human Capital Management) solution to improve the recruitment phase.

The publication of ads on multiple job sites allows better management of the collection of CVs and the resulting sorting. This process is part of the HCM framework, from the definition of needs to hiring, integration, assessment and training. The use of artificial intelligence and its semantic engine to analyze the content of CVs and job postings promotes automatic matching between postings and candidates.

“Being technology partners means sharing present and future development plans to give adequate answers to customer needs and to follow market trends,” explains Béatrice Piquer, CMO of Talentia Software. “With a solid experience in the recruitment sector Arca24 has been able to enhance and digitize key processes for the recruiter, creating a valid technology to support them. We are confident that new business opportunities will arise from this collaboration.”

“We consider Talentia Software a specialist company in the HR sector with an excellent technological connotation. Working together allows for greater synergies, economies of scale and, above all, the strengths of one go to overcome the weaknesses of the other,” commented Gabriele Molteni, Executive Officer of Arca24.

Talentia HCM is a HRIS composed of the following modules: Core HR – for the centralized management of HR data, Recruiting & Onboarding – to manage selection processes in a collaborative mode, People Development – for the definition of career plans, learning – for training content with a mobile approach, Compensation & Benefits – for salary analysis and pay review, Budgeting & Planning – to develop and share the HR Budget.

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