Financial software that adapts to the needs of all companies

August 12, 2019

Talentia Financial Suite, la finance est une question de logique

Small and big companies alike, are looking for the solution that allows them to monitor the financial performance. While most opt for a turnkey offer that includes integration, training and support, this is not necessarily the case for all. However, this judicious choice allows us to focus on activities with higher added value.

Financial management, a complex and delicate task

Whether it is a corporation, a startup or even an organization or association, financial management is a task not to be taken lightly and is far from relaxing for those responsible. This involves collecting and analyzing all accounting, financial and budgetary information in order to obtain a realistic and clear view of the company’s financial health. In the case of companies with subsidiaries and groups composed of several companies, it is also necessary to consolidate data and information to provide a global and accurate view of the financial situation.

The application of this mission can be carried out internally using adapted tools or outsourced to specialized firms. By using appropriate financial management software, the automation of all operations can save time and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Financial management software : A major asset to get results quickly

Faced with the challenges of fulfilling its missions, the Finance function needs a powerful tool to analyze, control, anticipate and make the right decisions. Managers must then choose a solution that can help them optimize existing processes, have reliable indicators, and produce results quickly.

It is becoming essential that the features and functions of the financial management software be adapted to the strategic challenges of the Finance Department. For this, a modular solution is more appropriate, it is in adequacy with current needs, and evolves according to the company’s growth while keeping control over its operating budget. The best way is to choose a collaborative, modular and configurable tool that makes it possible to automate and optimize processes. In addition, a financial management solution must be translated and adapted to international regulations and recommended by financial experts.

Optimize your performance with Talentia Accounting Suite

Talentia Accounting Suite is a new generation of financial management software designed to support finance departments in the performance of their daily tasks. Offering a complete range of tools covering all the challenges you face, our solution helps you optimize your performance.

Indeed, the features and functions of our software concern :

  • Administrative and tax accounting : general accounting, financial analysis, VAT, tax return, asset management and fixed assets management…
  • Cash management : forward planning, current account management, bank exchanges, classic and secure SEPA…
  • Auxiliary debit management : invoicing, lettering, collections, dematerialization…
  • Auxiliary creditor management : purchase/stock management, payment processing, commitment management, workflow processes, etc.
  • Accounting control audit : KPI performance indicators, financial reporting and analysis, publication and financial communication…

If your company has several subsidiaries, we can provide you with additional solutions to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure financial performance management : financial consolidation and reporting tools, solution for managing the reconciliation process of intra-group transactions, optimization tool for collecting social data from group entities, etc. In order to satisfy the expectations of all our customers, we have taken care to develop solutions available in license mode and in SaaS.