How to manage training plans?

Why train your employees? Training isn’t just a legal obligation, it enables your employees to increase their skills and become more efficient. But to achieve these objectives, you first need to establish and manage your training plans efficiently. To do so, you’ll need training management software like Talentia Learning.

Employee training: a crucial part of company expansion

Training personnel is essential to a company’s growth, above all because it enables each employee to become well-versed in the intricacies of their position. Mid-career, it is also vital if you want employees to be able to adjust their working methods to keep up with technological and economic developments.

By making training an integral part of your HR policy, you strengthen the link between your employee and your company. Indeed, studies have shown that a worker who receives training is inclined to stay at the company. You can also attract and retain good employees by offering development opportunities. So, by training your human capital, you are thinking about the future.

And it is no coincidence that the most successful companies invest in training. They are convinced that, after acquiring more specialized skills, their employees are better equipped to meet the needs of customers. This is particularly true in the field of sales, where salespeople must, for example, constantly stay on top of things in order to anticipate the needs of customers and succeed in winning them over.

Employee training is essential to the transfer of knowledge. Sharing know-how is a way of ensuring an increase in qualifications. If only one person possesses a said technical skill, you will have serious problems if they leave the company.

To effectively plan and manage the training of your human capital, training management software like that offered by Talentia Software is your best ally.

Talentia Learning, the training management software recommended by HR managers

Talentia Software is an expert in business solutions for professionals. Adapted to comply with constantly-changing legal obligations, these solutions provide a response adapted to the needs of SMEs, larger businesses and major clients, and help streamline financial performance monitoring. A true partner to businesses, Talentia offers a comprehensive service, from integration to training and assistance to enable its clients to focus on higher added-value activities.

With our solid expertise in the development of operational performance management systems, we provide you with our training management software, Talentia Learning.

With our new software solution, HR managers will now be able to accurately identify training needs, analyze gaps between skills and jobs, evaluate the training already completed, and update the competency profiles of each member of their team. With just a few clicks, you can set up a training plan that includes not only a log of skill transfers, but also an overview of all activities.

This software also enables you to measure the impacts of training. With this solution, you can assess your employees’ individual progress. It’s also an effective tool for retaining talent.