Efficient consolidation as a lever for business growth

November 16, 2021

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In times of uncertainty and change, companies are mobilizing to adapt to the environment and drive organic growth. On the other hand, they are finding more opportunities for inorganic growth, as evidenced by the increased M&A activity taking place. In either case, consolidation process is a crucial tool to support them.  

The current situation favors business growth strategies

In fact, in the process of adapting to the future as a result of the crisis, many companies are undertaking projects to develop their business. For example: 

  • Developing production capacity through investment. 
  • Restructuring processes or their product portfolio. 
  • Innovating in the development of products and services. 
  • Revising business policies. 
  • Opening up to new markets, etc. 

In addition, they are carrying out mergers, acquisitions or alliances with other companies.  

Certainly, some large companies or solvent medium-sized companies have the financial capacity to support these processes. Others may need to bring in external financial investors.

However, the complexity of these operations requires, in addition to funds, accurate and reliable information. This way it is possible to make the most appropriate decisions.  

Indeed, only reliable information will be able to support the challenges posed by these operations in different fields. From corporate governance management to compliance with the regulatory obligations of the different countries, adaptation to IFRS requirements, assessment of the impact of the macroeconomic environment, etc.  

Facilitate growth in complex organizations with a consolidation software

When these growth operations take place in multinational groups with decentralized structures, multi-group or associated companies, they grow in complexity and the challenges are even greater. Therefore, especially in these cases, it is essential to have a consolidated global vision of the company’s financial situation.  

However, the ongoing reliability and integrity of such consolidated financial and accounting information can only be achieved with the help of corporate performance management software (CPM) such as Talentia, which is particularly suited to: 

  • Managing the company’s growth. 
  • Integrating external growth. 
  • Optimizing investor relations. 

Talentia Consolidation & Close

With our certified Talentia Consolidation & Close software, you can collaboratively manage multi-standard consolidation. You can simplify and accelerate local or group consolidation in a secure way. Besides, you can integrate financial reporting with corporate performance management 

In this way, many tasks of the consolidation and internal accounting control processes are safely automated. And you can even automatically create easily customizable financial reports in Word or XBRL format.  

As a result, the CFO, the Head of Consolidation and the Financial Controller, together with their teams, have more capacity for: 

  • Conducting financial and business analyses. 
  • Improving communication internally and with financial investors, partners or other stakeholders. 
  • Generating relevant financial reports for decision-making. 

With Talentia’s financial management software, they can add value and agility to their important role in supporting global growth and expansion projects.