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DAB Pumps chooses Talentia to optimize HR processes and improve company’s culture. 

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DAB Pumps, company specializing in technologies for water movement and management. 

Founded in 1975, DAB now has a global workforce of over 1,700 people. For DAB, #CaringForTheFuture means fostering a culture of growth and innovation based on people, technology, and environmental sustainability. It is an adaptive and visionary business model that aims to turn changing market needs into opportunities for growth.

DAB’s digital culture runs through equipment, people, and products.

It is precisely in this context that the DAB HR Innovation project called “Brick” was born. And what is the aim of this HR project? To build an HR Department to support the company’s growth and the corporate culture through a single digital tool, standardized for all offices and countries. 


DAB Pumps is pursuing an ambitious transformation strategy, which includes:

  • The evolution of processes.
  • Support business growth.
  • Become a people-centric company.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and save water by 50% during the next 10 years.

To support the accomplishment of the goals, three general categories have been identified:

  1. Product Roadmap.
  2. People Strategy.
  3. Digital Strategy

So, to be able to run this strategy and cover the people and the digital strategy, DAB chose Talentia as the right partner to make it possible. 


With Talentia HCM, DAB Pumps got multiple benefits in the management of the company’s HR processes: 

  • Easily management of the entire employees’ lifecycle.
  • A single centralized reliable database.
  • Time and cost-saving.
  • Information sharing is facilitated.

Besides, the use of the Agile methodology made it possible to build an evolutive tool. So, the software will adapt to future needs.

Also, flexibility is a key point for Talentia HCM. This has allowed remote process management (especially during the months of health emergency) without loss of effectiveness.  

Talentia x DAB Pumps

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