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Does your business use Excel to do your financial statement reporting? Do you find that your team spends extended hours each month to ensure that the data is valid? Does compiling files and assuring accuracy cost your finance team time and money that could be spent on more productive activities such as business analysis and improvement? If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the product for you.

Why Companies seek a CPM solution

Talentia CPM offers a quick-to-setup solution to these problems.  Producing financial statements is a key requirement for the finance department in every company, whether it be for internal stakeholders or in the form of 10Q and 10K reporting for external stakeholders. The process is often a manual one where data is extracted from the ERP, manipulated into spreadsheets and then compiled in Excel or other BI tools for presentation. This manipulation to transform ERP data into financial statements is often not a structured or well documented process and in some cases needs to be done multiple times before it is finalized.  

There is often no formal record of the transformation mapping from ERP to presentation format and auditing can be a challenge.

With CPM these transformations are created once in a secure and fully audited system and each time data is refreshed then the same rules are applied. This controlled process and system adds tremendous value to this task that all financial departments wrestle with.


Whenever data is managed in spreadsheets, there is always a risk of error. Cells can be modified, formulas can be adjusted, mapping can be manipulated or a data file can be modified by accident. The beauty of Talentia CPM is that you can build an import process to effectively move data directly from the ERP into CPM with no manual manipulation required. All changes to the process are controlled by security so only the necessary administrators can update the process and these changes to the system are tracked, providing a full audit trail of who, what and when changes occur. This ensures your reports maintain consistency and accuracy.

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The number 1 tool for finance is still Excel and that is because finance teams know they can get the output they need in Excel. It offers a familiar environment to produce the reports exactly the way management wants them. Talentia CPM offers this same flexibility by using Excel as the basis for reports, but with controls around it. An add-in allows for data to be pulled from CPM into Excel as read-only data. There is no copying and pasting of data, it is managed by the system – yet all your Excel editing and formatting skills can be fully utilized.


Set the rules once and thereafter it is a simple matter of refreshing the data based on the latest download from your ERP or based on the period you wish to report. Reports do not need to be created for each week, quarter or year end, they need to be created once and then selection parameters can be used to choose by period, company, geography, product or whichever dimensions are required. Included with the tool is a full ready-to-use OLAP cube model that allows for users to analyze their data by dimensions with the click of a button.

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Accurate and perfectly formatted reports are as quick as your data import process, which is usually minutes. No more late nights manipulating spreadsheets and double or triple checking for accuracy. Once the reports have been built and tested during implementation, then the work is done. Simply select and filter the reports you need in minutes.

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Financial Statement Reporting Benefits

Reduced risk of manual error

Automation to save time

Controls to ensure accuracy

Powerful reporting in Finance Number 1 tool…Excel

Speedy production of reports, more time to analyze

Multi dimensionnel reporting…Understand your business

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