Talentia CPM

A Financially Intelligent platform that supports close, consolidation and financial reporting. Talentia CPM solution is designed to speed the close and improve reporting for finance teams in mid-size companies. Talentia CPM can be implemented quickly and managed by your own finance team.


A comprehensive platform for financial performance management including the close cycle

A Financially Intelligent platform to improve; budgeting, forecasting, management reporting, financial consolidation and associated close processes such as disclosure and account review.  

Financial Close

Close faster with a solution for legal and management consolidations including currency conversion, intercompany matching and investment eliminations.  One single multi-dimensional repository allows the fast collection of results, fully audited processing of the consolidation, compliance with regulatory requirements and delivery of financial statements along with powerful analytics.

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Financial Statement Reporting

The production of financial statements is often a manual exercise that is time consuming and often comes with a risk of error. Talentia CPM applies control to the process by automating the import of the Trial Balance into a controlled and audited structure which then flows into standard statements that can be produced weekly, monthly, quarterly.  

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Disclosure Reporting

Producing accurate disclosures for internal and external stakeholders can be a very tedious and time consuming task with a risk of error as numbers are constantly changing and need to be reflected accurately in reports. Talentia Disclosure reduces the need for low value tasks like constant editing and checking and ensures you have the most accurate information. Our solution leverages Microsoft technology so your finance team can very quickly and simply move from low value to high value tasks. 

Accounting review

Accelerate and secure your internal accounting control processes. Account reconciliations can be a manual and time-consuming process, often tracking multiple spreadsheets. Talentia Accounting Review allows you to easily control and audit accounting processes, monthly, quarterly or annually. Talentia Accounting Review leverages your existing Excel skills and applies a comprehensive work flow to track tasks ensuring visibility for internal and external auditors.

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Planning and Analysis

Talentia CPM supports many different types of forecasting and planning, including cash forecasting and P&L planning by product, division, geography and many other slices. Current excel skills can be leveraged within a strong framework that brings controls and efficiencies to modeling. Powerful analysis and reporting capabilities drive decision making.

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Budgeting Processes

Talentia CPM accelerates budget creation and improves results due to a connected process with budget contributors. Data input from various stakeholders is managed in an integrated system making roll up faster and more reliable.  Automated workflows manage various versions of the budget and track the approval process. Talentia takes the manual heavy lifting out of budgeting and provides deeper insights into the numbers through powerful analytics and reporting.

Talentia CPM key benefits

Put simply Talentia CPM makes finance complexity easier. The familiarity of this financial performance solution, including Excel, combined with inherent financial intelligence means that your team can be engaged in the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the solution. Expensive and lengthy implementations where Clients are dependent on the knowledge of external consultants is a thing of the past. Step into the future with rapid implementations and independence to manage your system going forward.  

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Effective financial performance management

Within the same platform, benefit from all the tools you need to effectively manage your company’s financial performance.

Talentia CPM

Rapid and efficient decision making

Thanks to its powerful multidimensional analysis, the platform enables the simple creation of dashboards facilitating precise decision making (P&L by activity, simulations).

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Reliable data and forecasts

With its collaborative, workflow, and alerting, Talentia CPM enables direct involvement of operational staff in the budgeting, planning and forecasting process.

Secured and compliant

Certified and secured, Talentia CPM meets local and international consolidation standards. Controls ensure data consistency, quality, and validity.

Talentia CPM key differentiators

Clients can choose where to start with the Financially Intelligent platform based on the priorities of their organization. Many clients start with close and consolidation or financial statement reporting. Talentia will work with you to address the most urgent needs of your finance team.

Talentia CPM offers additional value over time, using the same foundations you have built and skills you have accumulated on your team. There is no need for multiple separate, non-integrated software solutions you can do it all in one platform. At Talentia we make complexity easier.

Deep Close and Consolidation Capability

Our solution covers everything from simple to complex consolidations and from core consolidation requirements to the full universe of the close process (including  Inter-company reconciliations, financial statements, disclosure reporting and account review). Talentia offers a comprehensive and fast to implement solution for all your consolidation and reporting needs.

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Planning & Analytics

Talentia allows Clients to leverage existing excel skills to support budgeting, planning and forecasting processes in a structured and controlled way. The solution supports the distributed collection and roll up of multi-dimensional information to improve planning and analysis. Common use cases for Talentia CPM include annual budgeting, rolling forecast and P&L reporting by activity, region, product, segment.


Unified Platform

Talentia CPM supports budgeting, close, consolidation and reporting with powerful excel integration to leverage your existing skills. A single financially intelligent platform delivers robust financial processes, powerful analytics and reporting including OLAP.  

Secure and compliant solution

Talentia CPM complies with local and international consolidation standards. Reduce internal management costs and unleash the power of your finance team.

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