Finance Expertise

When it comes to work with clients to improve their consolidation and reporting processes, just as important as the software itself, is the team behind the project. Understanding client needs, communicating options, good design and close collaboration through every stage are essential to success. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and translate your needs into a system that meets or exceeds expectations.

Implementing Talentia CPM

finance expertise - Talentia CPM

A single financially intelligent platform that adds value to multiple financial processes that share structures and dimensions. You choose your starting point according to your priorities, for example begin with financial statement reporting. Then, create the foundations only once that can then be re used for additional processes, eg consolidation or planning.  

Leverage the most widely used tool for finance teams, Excel. This ensures your team can use their existing skills to help implement and manage the system going forward. No coding or proprietary skills are required avoiding costly and lengthy projects or dependency on 3rd party consultants. 

Talentia Finance - Financial Suite - finance expertise

Out of the box consolidation package for US GAAP to ensure a rapid implementation. Compare our implementation effort and timeline to other solutions, its fast! (go live in weeks not months or even years thanks to our finance expertise).

Our growth and success are based on our ability to deliver successful projects for clients. We have the finance expertise because we are finance professionals that understand complex consolidations and know how to help you make financial complexity easier.

finance expertise

Meet the team

Our starting point is understanding the needs of your finance team and being able to walk in your shoes in terms of what is needed every week, month, quarter and how to respond to ad hoc requests from the CFO.  From there we work with you to deliver improvements by applying Talentia CPM including; accuracy, controls, speed, and improved analytics/reporting. Our ability to translate your needs into a powerful and simple to use system is a winning combination.      

Finance Expertise. Meet the experts

Richard Bavington

General Manager Talentia North America

Richard has spent 30 years in the CPM space working with Clients to help drive value from software applications. His experience includes time with large software companies such as Oracle (Hyperion) and IBM and smaller companies such as Frango and now Talentia Software. Richard leads the team in North America, always focused on delivering and exceeding on Client expectations. Richard lives in the Boston area, his home for 15 years and enjoys all that New England has to offer.

Kevin Cullingworth

Head of North American Consulting

Kevin has been implementing CPM systems with a focus on consolidation and reporting since the 1990’s. Kevin has spent time at Longview systems and IBM where he has worked with hundreds of Clients to help them achieve their goals of faster, better and more accurate close and reporting. Kevin brings a wealth of experience with both small and large company projects, but always with a pragmatic approach of delivering value fast and focusing on what needs to get done to be successful.  Kevin leads the consulting team in North America and is based in Toronto where he enjoys Golf and travel when permitted!

Ramesh Pattabhiraman

Head of North American Support

Ramesh has been supporting the close and reporting process for over twenty years and has experience from both the Client side and as a consultant. During his time at companies like Diageo and Walgreens Ramesh has gained a keen understanding of what is required to support the close. Ramesh uses this experience at Talentia to help guide Clients and ensure their system are both robust and deliver value. Ramesh leads our support team in North America and has a deep commitment to ensuring Client systems run smoothly. Ramesh is based in Austin Texas where he enjoys flying toy helicopters with his son.

Andi Vlad

Head of CPM R&D

Andi has been leading development teams responsible for designing, building, and supporting CPM systems for the last 12+ years, having previously worked at Clarity systems and IBM. With a unique skill mix, combining strong business acumen (MBA graduate) with a software engineering background he runs our development team in Romania with highly talented and experienced members in the area of CPM. Over the last years, Andi’s been focusing on making accounting and finance practitioners part of the development team whilst remaining passionate about the latest technology and solutions that meet client needs most simply and elegantly. Andi is based in Bucharest, Romania, and enjoys vacationing around Europe whether it’s for skiing, boat rides in the Mediterranean, or simply for relaxation.

Michael Kempter

Global Head of CPM Business Unit

Michael has been in the CPM software business since the 1990’s and has spent time at Oracle and IBM and most recently built his own successful CPM business, Addedo Solutions. Michael founded Addedo based on the need he saw to serve Clients better and provide them with the deep expertise that is needed to ensure successful implementations of CPM systems. Michael now leads the Talentia CPM business unit where he ensures that Talentia continues to deliver value to create highly satisfied and loyal Clients. Michael lives in Zurich, enjoys hiking and skiing and spending time with the team in North America.