An audit is necessary to verify the company’s accounts and ensure that financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the applicable accounting standards. To simplify this operation and save you time, Talentia Software has developed dedicated auditing software. It is efficient and easy to implement.

Why use auditing software provided by a specialist?

Manually conducting an audit of accounts is an operation that requires in-depth skills in accounting and financial analysis. It is also a difficult task that requires a lot of time and availability, since the information and data need to be handled as and when they arrive. It can also quickly become rather laborious. Auditing software makes it possible to automate all or part of your audit-related tasks and quickly obtain results that accurately reflect the company’s accounting and financial situation. This tool will save you time and reduce or eliminate the risk of errors in entries and data interpretation.

However, it is essential firstly to choose software suited to your company’s needs, and secondly to obtain it from a specialist. They will be able to recommend a solution that meets your requirements exactly. They will also be able to support you during the start-up process.


Seamless management of your accounting entries with our auditing software

The purpose of auditing accounts is to examine a company’s financial statements to ensure they are truthful, lawful and fully compliant, since the accounts must accurately reflect the company’s financial condition. This overview is used to generate management reports that will help decision-makers to act and react to ensure the company’s sustainability and performance.

Whatever its origins (sales, stock managers, production managers etc.), accounting data must be verified and entry procedures standardized. Auditing software helps do this. It is important to check accounting flows to ensure, for example, that all data is being properly reported (supplier invoices, expense reports etc.) within the various departments. Otherwise, the resulting management report will give a distorted view of the company’s financial situation.

Auditing also ensures that the company’s accounts are lawful and compliant with tax and accounting standards and rules. Careful monitoring of accounting entries eliminates the risk of having to make adjustments; and it would be a shame to have to do so purely because of a misunderstanding of a regulatory text, especially when it comes to consolidating the annual accounts of corporate groups.

Finally, financial audits help optimize the accounts, so that the company can pay less tax and conduct reliable accounting to obtain the best results. Similarly, the quality and consistency of the financial system depends on managers making successful strategic decisions. Having access to the right indicators at all times becomes a priority when swift action means better management.


Talentia Software offers a solution incorporating auditing features

A leader on the European market, Talentia Software is a publisher of business management solutions, offering an efficient response to the needs of SMEs, larger companies and major clients. The partner of choice to businesses, Talentia offers high-quality assistance, including integration, training, and technical assistance to free its customers from any constraints in deploying its products. Our solutions are designed to simplify the monitoring of your company’s finances, and ensure compliance with the constantly evolving regulatory framework.

Our auditing software facilitates the management and monitoring of your financial system. It offers a holistic approach, where the analyses presented on graphic dashboards are cross-referenced as required against various types of accounting indicators: organizational, temporal or management-related.

In addition to the predefined management reports, you can also create your own analyses according to the company’s own monitoring parameters and those of the department the analysis is intended for.

Integrated into Talentia Financial Suite, this solution ensures efficient management of business in accordance with the strategic objectives of each company.




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