We put engagement and expertise at the heart of our commitment to you.
We offer an end-to-end set of services, before, during and after implementation: consulting, setup, training, outsourcing and support.
And you can choose the solution that suits you best: SaaS, hosted or on premise.



Consulting & Implementation

Customer Satisfaction is a strategic priority for Talentia.

We have the people, tools, and methodologies to get your Talentia solution up and running, both rapidly and with confidence.

We bring to every project, however large or small, a unique combination of function-rich solutions, implementation expertise and commitment to customer success.

Our teams of project managers, implementation consultants, training specialists and support staff work with you at every step of the way: before deployment (needs gathering, scoping, consulting, planning), during setup (implementation, training) and once your Talentia solution is live (customer success, support).

A proven methodology, 25-years experience in HR or Finance project implementations, world-class services tailored to our customers…

Talentia is your trusted partner for successful deployment.

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On Premise & SaaS

Your choice of deployment options

Talentia is one of the rare providers to offer a range of flexible deployment and licensing options, so you can select the right approach for you: Whether you want to deploy your HR or Finance solution in-house, or on a hosted or SaaS (on-demand) basis, you have choices.

* SaaS (Talentia SaaS): You subscribe to monthly or annual plan to your Talentia solution, that is hosted in secured data centers

* Hosted (Talentia Cloud): Whether you own the license or subscribe under a SaaS contract, you can outsource hosting and technical maintenance to Talentia.
* On Premise: You own your software license and implement the Talentia solution within your own IT infrastructure, behind your firewalls.

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Business Services

Accelerate your digital transformation with Talentia flexible outsourced business services.

Talentia offers a flexible range of services to help you maximise your Talentia solution (Payroll, HR, Finance):

* IT Services: We can host your solution in the Talentia Cloud, and manage its operations and corrective maintenance on your behalf.

* Regulatory Services: You can outsource to us Payroll regulatory and conventional maintenance of your Talentia solution in France.

* Outsourced Business Services: Our experts have the skills and experience to co-produce and supervise various payroll operations, up to full-outsourced payroll management in France.

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Talentia, your GDPR Partner

Since May 25th 2018, GDPR changes the paradigm of personal data protection in Europe. Earlier on, we implemented a GDPR Compliance Programme, for our solutions and internal processes as well. In addition, our expertise enabled us to create the 1st value-added GDPR offering (Talentia GDPR Plus).

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